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Exhibition                                                           Kiss the Morning

Kiss The Moon Book Cover

Because I did not, due to lack of forethought, post the photos of the books, Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings, and also the wall quilt which I will be offering, I do so today and hope that with the photos will come a few more comments.

For those of you who have been on the fence with your comments, I hope you do have a few moments today to put down some thoughts as to whom you would take as your guide or mentor as the standard you would gauge your thoughts and behavior.   The question probably should be, who in your history, whether fraternal or in cultural or religious history, would you like to be most like.   Who would be your standard as to your most perfect Being.   If you began your hero’s journey today, who would have the answers to the questions you would likely be struggling with.

Because I think this is an important question for all of us, I am extending the cut off date to Wednesday, the 24th of June.   I think in our need to care for our planet, as well as ourselves, I think the question should be uppermost in our thinking.   Everything hinges on our improvement in all areas.   If the well being of our planet depends on our evolution into thinking and caring people, and never is their mass evolution, we must begin with ourselves. Each of us is important to the well being of everyone. We do not dismiss nor discount anyone.

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