Riding The Ethers

Riding The Ethers

We are what we are for if we understood what we could be we would take our show on the road as an example.

To push our ideals on another will only ostracize us from the love that struggles to make it to the finish line.

When love is not, nothing else is.

You cannot fix much when no one sees what is broken.

Is a eulogy the same as justification for a life?

Needing is not loving.   They are not the same.

To change even one behavior pattern demands that all behavior patterns be changed.  And many are not equal to the task.

Freedom of choice is a responsibility.  It is also a sacrament.

The world speaks with a forked tongue.

There are those who close their eyes to what it is they see because they know what they see will contradict what they choose to believe.

The look of innocence is a state of shock.  It is the place where the soul rests, the mind has stopped pursuing and spirit dares not delve deeper.  It is where the rubber hits the road and burns.

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