An Argument

Toward A Destiny

An Argument

It was an argument
persisting its stuff as
all of them do.

I say. . . .
the camera portrays
what the photographer perceives.

And he insisted. . . . .
that the camera sees
the fact in nature
and records it as such.

I say. . . .
a fact in nature changes
as the person who perceives it.

What do we do. . . .
if what we see is not
what the photographer sees?

I say. . . .
get thee to an altar and pray.
Rightly so.
Go find an altar and pray.
So that what is
perceived as beautiful,
as poignant or a crime to humanity
is what we see.

Quickly. . . .
Go find an altar to pray
for your heart is in imminent danger.

Photo by John Hallissey

2 responses to “An Argument”

  1. beautiful, thoughtful piece. It reminds me of St. Exupery who says in the Little Prince “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”. Perception begins in the heart. For the eye to see clearly there must be purity of intention, that is without self interest. That is willing to see reality as it is and name it as such, whether good or ill. Then one can choose an appropriate response. That is what your piece made me reflect on–You always make me think and that is good.

  2. Lois, To enlarge the premises, I wish to do that. It will make life easier for everyone. Thank you for commenting.

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