If You Have A Minute To Think. . . . .


One cannot legislate the future one way or another.  It is happening at the precise minute you think about it.  It cannot go away and no amount of fretting will change it one iota.

Your acts upon your days have already sent the future into a direction which will reveal itself.

Supposing man gave headroom to the idea that his daily thoughts form his future or the world he will find himself, would he care enough to change his thinking, his thoughts to build a better world of choice?

Our so called love of people serves to hide our very limited, if at all, love of persons.  If we cannot love persons, what good to say we love people?

If we have difficulty with the ones who share our hearth and homes, what good to say we love the world?

Sometimes what you catch in an aging face is cosmic and intensely personal.   It often means that the God Within has been called into conference.   Not something one freely discusses with the common man.

When something passes over our understanding, it can mean it hasn’t  been born to the senses yet; for instance, as born to see or born to hear.   Once our understanding is broadened, learned and integrated, little will pass our notice.

When little passes our notice, our hearts may be broken.  We might then be able to do something about peace on Earth and good will toward all mankind.  And save our planet.



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2 responses to “If You Have A Minute To Think. . . . .”

  1. What an interesting idea, that our hearts have to be broken to save ourselves, others and the earth. It makes sense to me, that we need to have lived and living means our hearts will at some point or many, break, but I never thought of it in those terms. It’s how we connect, through our broken parts.

  2. Maria, good thinking. When we help someone to heal their broken parts, we in turn are healed. It is why this is the best classroom ever. We are at times both student and teacher. Thank you for responding.

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