Many Truths

DSC_1148Many Truths

I once heard an elder  say that people only know what it is you let them know.  I gasped,  because I thought she actually believes this.  She still believes that her thoughts are private and that secrets are truly secrets.  She does not know that privacy of thought is the last illusion.  That there are those who are bulleted with thoughts as they walk in gatherings.  Not realizing that they are picking up flagrant thoughts sent as flying debris and landing in the heads of unsuspecting walkers.

And lucky for us all that these are innocents.  Never knowing that their fatigue in crowds comes from picking up so much litter.  The reason for recluses going into the woods is this very fact of fatigue.  Throughout history we have had our neighbors vacating our neighborhoods for the silence of the forests.  Where the natural life is conducted in mind pictures shared by kin of their own kind.

My answer to this elder was to write Many Truths.   You will now understand my thinking.

Many Truths

I tell you true,
if my eye caught it,
a picture has already
been taken of it.

If I know something,
I can tell you true,
the neighbor down the street
or the unknown one around the corner,
knows of it also.

If my ear has caught your cry,
or the deception in your words,
the heavens have heard the cry
and the deception, however layered,
in time is betrayed by you.

If my song is sung,
the heavens and my god
have heard the melody
and whipped the wind
and carried the joy or sorrow
to its Source.

It has always been so
and this I tell you true.
The difference?

I, now,  know it.


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