Surfing The Ethers

Toward A Destiny

Surfing The Ethers

That the rain falls on the just and the unjust and that even the dogs are fed from the master’s table only proves that the Universes are good and all life is sacred .

Eternal is the hour which grants the heart time.  Sacred is
the vessel which yields the cup.

We blend to make this world an exercise of faith in Man.

If everyone was knowledgeable, it would be laughingly impossible to get on with the play.

The Teachers say that tears are the water we use to rinse our brains.

The student says that tears are what we use to rinse out our memories.

Unreconciled memories stand at the ready to catch a place where they would rouse the emotions and plague again.

There is no talent which will be left unused and no path of interest unexplored.

There is sufficient time for all of the talents and then some in a world of no time and in a universe which is becoming.

There is no time, all time and yet no time to waste.

When the mind is full of knowledge, when truth wears the most even frame to a frazzle, when it all becomes too much to bear,  the heavens give us what is ours and says, bear it.

We are a reference point for other worlds.

Photo by
John Hallissey

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