Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters

You cannot accommodate an attitude that sees only the good without giving notice to what the other is doing in laying garbage on unsuspecting shoulders.

It is a real gift to be able to give voice to an Other’s most cherished beliefs but neither does it give them tools to withstand life’s disabilities and allow them to work at standing upright themselves.

Conscience is a commodity with a price.  It is the voice within us directing our own belief system.

To be given the tools to work at life is the best gift of all.

Sometimes what we consider to be coincidence is truly a matter of heavenly intervention.

The quality of the diversions bespeak the fellows.

The ‘not knowing’ of the moment is tense relief only to be recognized as the fool’s paradise in retrospect.

It takes a long time for humanity to grow up.  And some play at it better than others.

Some wear their conscience in their breast pocket and others sit on it.

If you cherish the childish, you don’t grow up.  If you lid the childlike awe and exuberance, you get old.  Not necessarily mature,  just old.



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