Pause To Consider. . . .


Engineering may code and modify DNA but individual evolution can be enhanced by emulating the behavior of one whose actions are above reproach.  It behooves everyone to action that does not send crossed signals.  We are not paranoid to think we are being watched.  As children we all had our role models whom we watched and were disappointed too many times.   We may have to pretend behavior we don’t normally wear,  but soon it will become who we are.  We can make a difference for the common good.  Or common ill.


Whatever is not made peace with will piece the person.  It will break them into a million parts and they will never know that it can be peace-d nor seeing how they contribute to it all and will leave the adult body when they transit with behavior befitting the child in them.


We were told that what is done for one is done for all.  The lesson is profound when taken seriously and applied to everything.  Not just to the case in hand but to all cases and all hands.  Keep it always forefront.  The individual effort is noted and the heavens are not deaf nor are they blind.  The simplest and most menial task is only so when glimpsed within the structures of the day.  When taken to completion it becomes a sacred work of art.  Know it.

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