Book Drawing

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Book Drawing

I have had more than a usual number who have been viewing my books for a drawing.  The month has come and gone when I usually do and I missed my cue.  Now I offer either a copy of Kiss The Moon, a book of poetry or The Last Bird Sings, a story within a story.  The blind drawing will be on Wednesday night and the winner will be announced on Thursday, the 21st of April.  All  that is needed is for you to comment on a post or why you would wish a copy of either book.   It is a fun thing for me to do and I am always happy to see which posts are looked at the most.  So if you are looking to own a copy of either book, take your chance along with your friends.  It delights me to draw the name of someone who says I never win anything!  Because I am one of those.  Twice I won dinners  at 2 restaurants that went out of business before I could use my freebies.  I know the feeling well.  Take your chance at this and you may be able to say finally,  I won!   Good Luck!

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