Some Thoughts To Consider. . . .


Observations. . .

One day when I stood at the kitchen window and looked at the neighbor’s new garage, I thought how wonderful that he took the blue prints and constructed the garage by himself.  I am sure he felt trepidation at the onset and yet he did it.  I heard in my inner self, ‘he tackled the illusion and humbled it.’  They were not my words, yet they spoke directly to the situation.  How many times is that still, small voice silenced by us?  We have yet to learn we are never abandoned.


1. When speaking, speak always from the heart.  From the heart is where love abounds to have
other  hearts listening and responding.

2.  It is not easy to surmount a loneliness which isolates.  It is only with compassion can we help
regenerate such a soul.  Even our own.

3.  The power to earn is not limited to the few who chance upon the coinage of the culture.  There
are  other realms in which to work and be recognized.

4.  Philosophies are ripped from the gut and start with the individual.  One cannot be honest with
oneself and adopt from an Other what has been born of her or his fabric.  It must be born of
him/her Self.

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