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Considered Opinion, all Connected. . .

It is good to see the best in people but one cannot be accountable for everyone.  One cannot wish them onto a platform they are not
an example for.


Too many children grow up knowing the failures of their parents and think their own fabric is torn.


When living in Rome, doing as the Romans do is a task worth attending to.   In a society where civilization hinges on rules and regulations that are dismissed as nothing, means that civilization cannot survive.  It goes down the tube again.


Some of us are born disheveled.  Born of a genetic crap shoot, being not what the current thinking society expects.  And if all our parts are in the required  places,  we should consider ourselves fortunate.  The next time we may be not quite so fortunate and we will need to cope as best we can.  It is something to keep in mind.


Nature is rebuking us.  She is giving back as well as she has taken from us.  The message still stands that we cannot abuse this planet without being rebuked ourselves.  The numbers of dead in the weather disasters are horrendous.  When are we going to learn that we cannot keep propagating ourselves simply because it is something we know how to do?  When are we going to stop mortgaging the future of the children already here by spending lavishly the Earth’s resources as if the expiration date on these resources does not exist?  Our Earth can no longer support increasing numbers without coming apart.  Daily she screams her distress.   We need to solve our need to re-experience the lullaby feeling we remember.  Education is the key to understanding our wants and needs to discipline ourselves.  It leads to a matter of heart. . . not only ours but also our Earth, our home planet.


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Joe Hallissey Sr.

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