The Broader Focus. . . .



The Larger Picture. . .

One of the first joys of kindergarten I remember was being told to connect the dots and behold!  A picture was formed within the larger picture and it was visible and I could identify it!  What joy.  It was a beginning for me then to look at everything to see what was hidden within.  This was a something I could do with ease and soon was applying it to everything and everybody.  Not always the kindest nor the pleasantest thing to do.  But the lesson within was always worthy.  For by looking at the larger picture,  the smallest something within would then be visible.

In talking to a grandson I pointed out that if I could not see the forest,  I would not see the beauty of the tree.  By looking at humanity,  I could see the beauty of the individual, the person.  It is an important lesson to apply to conditions that do not bring pleasure nor meaning to one.  Only by looking at the larger picture,  the broader focus,  does the significance of the work become important or vital.  And sometimes the meaning has nothing to do that the work at hand requires.  It might be a vital link though in the future of someone one cannot even imagine, nor the significance of the event in any given time.  The dots though will be connected and the picture will form and Mind will note the Giver of the gift that was given.  And the soul accountable will note with pride and an ‘I did that! will be heard throughout the worlds.

To Give Credence

At first the leaves of trees
take on the blush of color
that heralds their death;
preparing themselves for a long sleep
that will last through a white winter,

a white on white sparkling
jeweled fire of gems
spread acres across
the eye’s vision.

What more than this
to give credence to
the  profound question
of who made this?

And I in the stillness
hear with clarity
the voice of Creation whispering,

‘I did!’

Photo by
John Holmes


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