An Ever Fixed Mark . . .



love is. . . an ever fixed mark that looks   on tempests  and is never shaken. . it is a star to every   wandering   bark. . . Shakespeare  

I awakened with these   lines committed  .  I who never commits her own work   to memory and realized  that this  was how I wanted   to appear   to my children   and to those I loved, as  an ever fixed   mark that   is  never   shaken  .

Of course  I had to   learn   how.  It meant  forming   a philosophy  and building  it step  by step, readjusting  as  I lived  it and grew. Simple words  but easy it was not.  Struggle  it was through many obstacles  .   But the most desired result I wished  was  to be  depended upon.  The  reasons  were many and personal  but the  disappointments I did not  wish to  foist on the children.

Big assumption?  I was never aware that  it was not what everyone did and simply   not talk of it.  Naive?  Important?  As I look about me in the middle of my eighth decade  I can see my progeny adopting the same  measures.  Their ideas of what  they can  accomplish  and wish to perfect humbles me.  And  that  I am a beneficiary   of their hard work  humbles me further  and fills me with awe.

I wish to kneel before  the  Greatness  of All  That Is with gratitude.  To have  lived  long enough  to say thank you a trillion times and how  proud  I am only to have them say this   is what we are and what  we do.  True values  with perseverance   will work in this physical   world as well as in the unseen ones.  Everything   teaches.

When you listen to what heart and conscience  guide you toward and stay the route,  the gold shows. . . .










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  1. I love you Ronnie Hallissey, We will talk soon!! Blessings and good health and happiness for the new year! Cathy Baldy

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