The Dark Side Man Calls His Humanity. . .




(When I sat in my first Philosophy class and the Instructor was explaining the different ways of looking at life,  he went into detail about how some teachers thought every day life was illusion,  not real.  There was snickering of course because how could such details as study and tests be not real?  When coming to grips with quantum theory the hardest thing to grasp is that all time is simultaneous.  I ask my readers to give this idea space in thought.  A ‘maybe’ for now.  It will make it easier to understand from where this mystic that I am comes from.)



(we will lay our swords beneath
the evergreen and paint roses
in the cheeks of the children)

The Dark Side Man Calls His Humanity. . .

The Lesson. . . the Teacher Speaks….Man has forever been maligned because of the evil in him.  That the dark side is evident is no biggie you know.  Even when it came to love.  He could never love enough because of reasons he never could relate to.  But take it from all of us who know this dark side of who we are which we call humanity.

It is dark because in times of strife, in times of war, in times of decadence, we relate to the minute factor which prevails and gives us reason to be bad.  To be our worse.  We relate to that because it causes an excitement, an extreme from which we can waver because being good all the time is a trial.  There is no excitement quite as bloodletting, as bringing a sword across the body to plunge.  The idea that I am king is strange to those like you (I find the only worthwhile competition is against oneself to strive to do better) but to the one who finds the excitement in the competition with an Other, it is heroin to the mind.  It is an aphrodisiac to the body and a stimulation like nothing else.

We are not proud of this you understand and when the fit, and it is a seizure is over, there is a denial, there is a remorse, a regret, a sin that covers our hearts.  When your son transited he wondered how you could love him when he had known such dark places.  But the one you brought into this world and loved into being was the one you sent out.  He became accountable and paid his dues.

When your mentor, your friend, thought man should be accountable, he did not wish for man to keep coming back and lamenting his ancestor’s anguish and never lift himself out of his mire.  He wished for every lifetime to meet obligations and become accountable.  This is what making a difference is all about.  Not to become responsible for our ancestor’s inability to fulfill dreams.  Nothing can be done except by the one who tied the knots.  The ones who did not meet obligations are the ones needing forgiveness by their progeny.  There are enough worlds for this to happen in.  Let their gods work it out and take them as responsibility.  It is not for the child to undo the parent’s tribulations.  Let the children be free to make a difference and the whole planet will survive as well as the people in it.  It will be a classroom of supreme order and not the hellish place it is today. 

(excerpt from Reflections Of The Midnight Mind)

For when the bloom is off the rose,
the sunrise no longer flames
the morning sky,
the midnight cannot arouse
the passions to warm
the bleak and fitful cold,

and I see that man
will be forever blind
to his god self certainly,
for he cannot see his divinity
used to hammer and abuse

the divine nature of his reflective self.

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