No Rush To Judgement. . .


No Rush To Judgement. . .I am 85 so there is no rush to judgement.  These are conclusions with thoughtful consideration in this third of a series.

Is this how the rest of the world works?  That they have no inner motivations and can find nothing to spur them on?  Some said they couldn’t live with my intensity, but  there really is no reason for life unless you make your own reason.  That is why there are wars and more wars?  Is it better to be physically involved and die young than to look for a reason to live peacefully without the excitement of  not knowing if you will survive?  Better to live with that constancy of motion and agitation than to live with peace?

This is outside my frame of reference.  So when I could find no reason for drawing breath,  this was a taste of what it is for those who bring nothing to the table.  And there is no reason except what we bring with ourselves.  So all this motion,  all this activity is really nothing else except finding a reason for being.  So with the young, the new way is to generate enthusiasm for new places and new playthings.  Until life intervenes and serious business is in order. No wonder retirement brings a malaise, or constant movement with death often the soon result.

It is not the war itself  but the adventure and the action that gives meaning to life.  Even in early times when men went off to war or to sea,   or off to the cities for work with no visible emotion except a quick kiss to the cheek of the children and wives who had the dailyness of the struggle of growing sons and daughters with no role models,  the surprise was always  the imbalance in the gender qualities.

Where were the societies’ notables who foresaw the troubles ahead for the unfolding behaviors in the offing?  Where now in the midst of the daily trials are the university heads of departments of Divinity Schools or Psychiatry or Psychology or Sociology  of lives and lifestyles who do not present the dangers of the very obvious directions society is taking?  Where the heads of churches except contributing their own problems?  Where anywhere are the trusted voices with impeccable characters that could be listened to and heeded? Where are the credentialed persons who have done the headwork or the footwork?  Where are they?

Coming out of the Christmas Season with hunger for peace on earth should put all of us on alert.  On this lush planet of many toys and ways to satiate appetites,  certainly there must be serious souls who care for this Earth and the inhabitants who suffer greatly.

(I scribed the  excerpt from the following lesson. . . You have the picture pretty clearly in mind.  What you have done, in your own way is work through your dilemma  of nothing or no reason to do anything.  If it wasn’t in you  where then  to find it?  Who would give you reason to be if you do not have it within?  What happens in other families?  All you have to do is look at the morning news.  Or in the classrooms or on the street corners.  Anywhere in the world.  That is why we say we care what goes on within today’s 4 walls at home.  It determines what will happen when the children go out the front door in a short time and carry with them what the so called adults have taught them.)

Fine Wine. . .

We have bound
and gagged the bird
who would carry the olive branch
to the heads of state
guarding vehemently their fragile egos.

Guarding so that the horrors
of retaliation would not
devastate their souls
for stealing the young
who had no knowledge and no chance.

Where is the king
who would avow his peace
that others would live symbolically
in love with the dove?

Now. . . here is the chance
and the time where love
cancels the errors and begs
unconditionally for forgiveness.
We’ve take what was most cherished
and crushed to death

what would have been fine wine.


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