I Had Earned The Right. . .


Events take on proportion that surprise even us who experienced the event.  Wondering why in looking back they were significant to us when to others they would be a non event.  But to us they often are a turning point,  a point of growth and in that who we are now or what we must become hinged on that turning point.  Guard those moments carefully and study them.  What happens outside of us is nowhere as important as what happens within.  Those times we are in conference with the Divine within,  the God within.






I Had Earned The Right. . .

I had counted the steps
from my chair in the new room
to the front door.
I forget now how many,
but once I knew them by heart. . .

Like where the floor boards creaked;
where the carpet caught my heel,
crunching my slipper.
It was all real
and impinged on my mind. . .

I could bring them up,
each detail because
I knew them intimately while I
waited for your step upon the stair
to assure me I was not alone.

It was habit that drove me until
the day it was not necessary
to count the steps,
to check the door, to listen for the step
upon the stair.

I learned one day that
we are always safe and we are not alone.
Gift given but not without footwork,
not without heart work,
not without yearning. . .

I had earned the right to sleep.


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