Depends On How High Up You Reach. . . .


Hardest Lesson. . .

They don’t know yet,
the ones closest to me. . .
friends and all. . .
why I do things the way I do.

It is because I know
the good in the work
and the beauty in the body
doing what mind tells it to do.

It is a dance,
a mind and body ballet.
It has taken centuries of many lives
to learn and it was no simple matter.

The hardest thing to purge
was thinking I was above
doing such menial work.
While all the time I had to learn

how to be god-enough to do it.


No longer is the excuse ‘I’m only human’ valid.  Lest we forget how much depends on us.  There is no refuge in that cliche anymore.  Think seriously on it.  VRH


2 responses to “Depends On How High Up You Reach. . . .”

  1. I really love the quilted piece that goes with this poem, because it does seem to go perfectly. It’s has a very powerful and mysterious feeling to it. That mystical being, that seems so much more than “only human”.

  2. Maria, we are not only human, but divine also. Psychology and psychiatry over my lifetime so close to a hundred years, still does not include the divine portion which ignites us all. We can only teach by example and that means work. Perhaps we then all become more than human, all being mystical. . . . .thank you for also staying the route.. . . .

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