For Me, it is Eternity. . . .


I was sitting and looking at our landscaping and thought I must remember this.  This is for eternity for me.   It was the end of the day and the sun was setting.  I feasted my eyes on my surroundings.  And my eyes took in every detail and when they fastened on the next door tree of flowers I  thought out loud, Look at what the Great God wanted my eyes to see!    And not just a bouquet, but a tree of flowers!  Goodness, mercy!  A tree of flowers, not just a bouquet.. . . .and the sky was fading but the sun stayed on the tree.

And my next thought was of my Mentor, the Nazarene, and his words of Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. . . And we desecrate and decimate our land and pulp it to a nothing.  We obliterate the species in numbers and prevent the trees of flowers from succoring us and the species who hover, supporting us.

I have long argued that this planet should have been kept for graduate students.  Those who have earned the right to live on her by doing the footwork, not necessarily those only educated by the elite schools of thought but by those educated by our hearts.  But the argument was that Earth’s obstacles would be so difficult that the heavens thought this lush land of beauty would soothe and nurture the soul to health and progress and life in all dimensions would benefit.

But it seems in great numbers the sophisticated had soon developed street smarts and were loathe to give up their toys.  So now we work hard to keep what we still have and guard with our lives the beauty of this planet while we live so that our progeny will yet taste of her goodness.

And I repeat the words of my mentor and friend, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. . they know not. . .


7 responses to “For Me, it is Eternity. . . .”

  1. Thank you Veronica, tho our world is changing right ‘round us, there are still ‘trees of flowers’ and extraordinary sunrises and sunsets to be savored!
    My hope is ‘they know not what they do’….. my fear is that ‘they’ do. So needs must, enjoy and appreciate the beauty also around me.
    Love to you dear lady ❤️, pat

  2. email from Carol. . . Reminds me of a poem about Trees. I believe the poet was Kilmer.
    Only God could make a tree. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. email from Suzanne. . . I believe they DO know what they do. The sad
    part is that they don’t care. And that’s worse.

    I look at our beautiful planet, given to us as a gift,
    and I can hardly contain my grief…for us AND for
    her. I wish I had the strength to forgive ‘them.’

    Thank you for trying to show me how.
    Much love,

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  4. Suzanne . . . To utterly disregard knowledge one has no power of conscience to discern. So they know not. If they did, they could not Be. When all else fails, bless. It is what we can do. Thank you for your love of this planet. She deserves it.

  5. Pat. . .I appreciate your love of this Earth . As Suzanne, you think those who desecrate know what they do, but to disregard our stewardship, is not to know that there are consequences. And the final accounting is balanced. I know we who mark our years know what is important. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

  6. Carol, as a previous northern life had given, the lilac bush was as large a tree except for the blossoms of cherry and apple trees. To see here the tree of flowers lasting so long is a marvel! It is a beautiful one my eyes feast on. Thank you for commenting.

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