Claim The Difference. . .


Claim The Difference. . .


From a July 24,’84 entry—-because I have integrated simultaneous time during my adult life (it was not easy and I also am familiar with dimensions of no time with dream frames posted on my blog), the following was an early topic of discussion (from a cosmic view, yesterday).  I have quoted Albert Einstein on simultaneous time and also philosopher Robert Nozick on World Creation (0thers also) during recent years upon discovery.  Since I am not credentialed, these have been in over half a century of Independent Study I have researched.

I was told and I scribed the following. . . I asked. . . was it a different world?

It was, it was.  It was a world where belief had the power of logic.  Where prayer was direct communication with what was the belief at the time, where the arch angels stepped between man and his desires and procured them for the supplicant.  It was all those things and more.

Man did not roam the Earth without an anchor at will or put his faith in the machines that mimicked his mind.  He conquered what he needed with the virtue within.  He did those things because he did not know he could not.

With all that he was he was able to do.  Anything.

With all that he thought, he was able to bring under his dominion all that he thought had life.  And he brought these under his dominion.  Until he tired.  Until he became less entranced with the trivialities of the dailiness and became enamored with the glitter of his toys.

He could do these things because the thought that he could not do them did not enter his mind.  Think on that for awhile.  It was a different world.

It was a world where the jester could make the common man laugh.  Because the jester was comical.

And the common man was not conscious of what made the comic a comic.  And now everyone is a comic. Everyone is what he thinks he is by mimicking what he sees, what he reads and what is heard.

We do not resent what we see here.  Instead we ask what did we not do?  We take into account that you say the difference is slight.  We say to you then, claim the difference.  Do not allow those who are limited, limit you.

Knowledge is innate.  You know the difference in worlds.  Use it.

Prayer in  Concert  (excerpt). . . 

now you tell them
in languages understood
how deep the hunger for knowledge
can be as if for bread; to keep alive
a mind from sleep;
(like scourge it contaminates
all minds of men).

We wake them up and
put to work the fathers
of the children forever seeded

with memory from a place the angels tread.



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