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We Must Learn From Our Past. . . . .

 It was 1974 that I awakened early and wrote what I remembered.  The past is still happening, the future has already happened and here in the present, we race to catch up with it.  . . . . forgetting the years of my walking around the neighborhood when presented with concepts too hard to absorb. 

I had no one to lean on nor to talk about this.  It was a solitary journey.  Yet I read recently (years ago?) that Albert Einstein said unless time is understood, there would be no understanding of the ‘who I am’ in us.

(Feb 1, 2018—I scribed . . We deal with linear measurement.  It has stabilized the environment and made teaching easier.  Children now being born are versed to the enth degree in other worlds where they are familiar, here have difficulty with this Earth’s time element. 

So now we insert the thought that all this has a connection.  It is of utmost importance that the simultaneous worlds, of time and events are still happening is essential to growth. 

We have here the ability which you display to live almost to a hundred with the idea which has sustained you through the years.  You know that simultaneous is what you do as you cross boundaries in worlds that have no name.  You take events and artifacts from one culture and take them with you and display them with the artifacts of the world you are in. 

Where do ideas come from?  You already have the makings of technology that other worlds already are using.  They are brought through dreams, through meditation, through conference with other entities, beings which are in silence sometimes but vividly portraying the ideas through icons.  The emphasis is always on progress with integrity.  You get that.  You see that. 

What is being displayed now is reckless abandon of institutions which need to be respected.  It has taken mankind a long and arduous time of it to come to this place where there is respect for law and enforcement of ideas which are good for the majority.  

 What we are seeing is the abandonment of courage which was hard won and now trampled on by spinelessness which is an embarrassment that must be contended.  The panic and fright of grown people is not to be tolerated by the stubborn greediness and lack of respect which surfaces.

 In the concept of simultaneous time we have a religious leader who tried to teach the concept of many worlds.  When the man Jesus went to the mountain and spent time with the invisibles he was able to bring to man, then in the primary state, the concept of my father’s house has many rooms.

It would have been impossible to bring the idea of worlds such as the earth planet into thinking when man thought the horizon meant the end of the world he knew.  The idea then of a universe full of whirling planets was impossible to conceive.  What you have is the simple concept of a large house with rooms and you have gone into that many times. 

When Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, he already knew that man had created a better and bigger version of himself.  This is what the Grandfather God has evolved to. 

 It was impossible at the time of the Master and impossible now for some to think of the undergirding principle of the universes as the sacred as well as spiritual underpinning of all creation.  That a sparrow is noted as well as the human is difficult but somehow spanning the abyss man does by the magnificence of the god he has created.

You go into this all the time with the ones who feel that the hand of God is on them but he was deaf and is deaf to the millions who scream in pain from hunger and mutilation.  How to bridge the gap? 

Take it one thing at a time.  You place and rightly the spirit or sacred within man.  How he is to claim his spirituality and become the divine soul in his right is what your work indicates.  How to do it?  You do it.  Just do it.  Inch by wretched quarter inch and we make progress.

The past is still happening.  The future has already happened.  And here in the present we race to catch up with it.  This is the first concept that must be integrated.  All that is necessary is for man to relate to his history. 

See where man has been and where he is today and what he has not, not is emphasized, learned.  Because if the lesson is not learned, we redo the lesson.  Except the circumstances are not going to be as conducive as they were previously and may be more difficult for the student. 

The past is still happening; the icons are being smashed, symbolizing centuries of man’s desire to translate the divine into the material.  Take the thought, take the thought and emphasize it. 

Not only does man smash the icons but also the humans who built them.



It Would Have Blown My Mind. . . .

  Everything Teaches. . . . 

A friend and I discussed how difficult it was for humans not to think we are the most intelligent of beings.  Of course he said, no matter what color they are, people think other beings cannot be intelligent.

In Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series, Klorathy said the most intelligent were beings without mouths and had tentacles for speaking at the end of their hands.

In a February 2014  journal I scribed. . . . What if we were to introduce a creature of high intelligence but other than what you  think about and say to you this is how you are in a different focus?  What if you are shown in dreams how you appear to us whom you consider teachers and yet grant intelligence of the highest kind?  What would you think then?  Can you visualize what we see when we envision your form?  What can you bring to mind?. . . .

I edited my answer for space. (It is outside my frame of reference.  I can only conjure up with specifics.  Lessing used language as a measure and even then I need a dictionary.  For words like dwarf or bulk or wide or silvery, these I visualize. )

Work today 5.7.20. . I scribed  . . .  beginning what you wish as differences in appearance, we would tell you not to worry about what is fashionable.  Not to worry about what your hair looks like.  Except you think what you are comfortable with.  And right you are.  Not to be outlandish and draw attention to how you differ in appearance is one less thing you contend with.

But we take it from there.  Fashionable on a daily basis you think not.  It requires too much energy you find wanting.  But cleanliness is crucial to you.  To others who have no water to drink, cleanliness is luxury. 

But many would find it difficult to pay attention to intelligence should they find a dirty exterior.  Yet worlds there are, where this is not a factual but a luxury again.  It would take awhile to put the olfactories to sleep and pay attention to thought.  And there is the matter of speech making a big difference. 

Talk about the recent experience with the Newfie, Leroy.

This is mine and it surprises me for this to come up now. . .  (last week upon awaking I found Leroy out in the garage with son John and I greeted him with how well Leroy was.  {in his recovery after blowing out two legs before Christmas 2019}  He yodeled his greeting as he happily now does.

When I came in to get his breakfast I realized he transferred a picture to me when he yodeled and it was of yesterday when I rubbed him down with moisturizer to oil his skin and new fur, having been shaved for surgery.  He loves hands on massaging.  I thought immediately of the woman who talked to cows whose name I could not bring up.  I googled and found Temple Grandin , whose talents were the bedrock of much needed improvement in slaughterhouses.

Since Leroy’s surgeries he is again a happy camper.  He yodels in prelude to mind pictures voicing his wants.  He is a case study for me in spades and in transferring thought with pictures worth 10,000 words.

Leroy brought to mind other dogs and journal entries when thought impressions occurred.  I learned their needs and went about doing those.  But this time I made the vivid connection with Temple Grandin.

(5.29.2020….It is not surprising  now that I scribed the teacher asking about Leroy since we were into how important speech is.  I had already journaled the mental picture with the yodel. Even now I see that our other dogs often did transfer pictures I accepted, though never called them intentional communication.   I just knew and acted.  In hindsight with today’s understanding of what all I was able to do that was not common, it would have blown my mind.


Ideas. . the power behind the horse. . .

This is from a journal entry shortly after my cardiac arrests.  Again I mention since my head works in quantum physics,  it is as yesterday.  The scribing is as true today because time is our measure, the measure our planet works with.  I had been slothful I wrote because I read immersed in family sagas for relief from the physical maintenance work.  Also I had word of a heart friend who was hospitalized and being moved to a facility with more state of the art machines and died enroute.

I was weeping on the phone to my younger and he said ma, she had an offer she couldn’t refuse.  That doesn’t make me feel any better, John I wept.  But he was right.

We think anyone leaving us no matter when, is too soon.  Yet the very young have fulfilled destinies we  probably cannot understand nor give credence to.  And the very old we see clinging to life like Hera to a love lost.

Sunday school for adults may look upon this entry with interest tomorrow.  Give it some thought.

I scribed the following. . . Oftentimes people say that a soul is dispensed before its time.  But this is not the case.  For we work on many levels and because we do, when the purpose of our existence has been served, we then are free to move on.  Notice how that term is used.  Free to move on.  Not tied anymore.  Not tied to anyone or anything.

Physical life gives the illusion  of permanence and material things, items, give the appearance of being in a finished or unfinished state.

This is to give continuity to physical life.  This is the linear measurement which is necessary to prevent a chaotic mind.  For it is far easier to deal with permanence in a positive material mode than it is to deal with nuances or illusions or concepts.

Yet ideas , concepts are just as real, just as permanent, if not more so than the so called material or permanent things which indeed decay with rust and rot.  But ideas are clear items, they are undying.  They may disappear for a time, but reappear when the time may be more precise.

Concepts are pie in the sky many think.  Yet concepts are to be grasped, grasped to be used to build a life on.  For that is all we have in mind when we come to earth.  We have an idea, a concept and proceed to chisel it to make it permanent or concrete.  A something to be touched.  A something that can be handled.  Yet the concept with its energy and power is the permanent thing.

It is the power behind the horse.

excerpt from His Purpose. . .

My God, he said
when first he saw himself in light of day.
Hidden with full knowledge was Creator,
Implementer of  dreams
gathering raw data to circumvent
the mind’s illusions.

My god, he said
and picked up the mallet
with his own hands

to chisel his own destiny.

(poem written 1980/81)

artwork by Claudia Hallissey


We Are The Holder Of Memories. . . .


In researching I came across these two entries and I found them mirroring quantum physics that all time is simultaneous.  And surprisingly found the original poem in my files.  All surprises since memory falters and am glad hard files keep .

Journal entry April 6, ’92. . (.Edited only for length) Vault of God. . . .

Mentally I was  expounding in front of a blackboard.  With concentric circles I say that I am the inside of the outside of the inside of God.  I am the spirit of the extension or the separateness yet united to the father or to the mother.  Or I am the spirit of the expression of the Father or Mother.  God put out an arm to sample the air and I took form and am the spirit of him who made me.  We walked and talked and had our being and because of our need for expression we became man.   Sweet Jesus, what a route.  How did I get here after so many years?

I use this vehicle, but this Veronica is spirit.  Separate yet part of the great god.  And when Jesus said I am the son of the loving father, this is what he meant.  We live and move and have our being in God.  Paul Tillich.  Beingness.  Paul Tillich, I haven’t thought of you in a long time.

October 4, 2015. . . journal entry. . .

In scribing I lost my train of thought but capturing with. . . (gaining access to a vault of memories.  That was what I was thinking yesterday when reading.  That somehow the more active the brain or more access different portions of the brain had to centuries of memories, or archtypes, or cultures of humankind or possibly other are the differences in us.

The larger access one has the more painful is the human life.  Because like me, for whatever reason I chose to come, or whatever reason my  head had access to humanities’ memory vault, was what makes me the way I am.  This goes for what is happening in the world, as we access humanities’ memory vaults.

We in evolution with the brains that are ours, either when we come in or as we evolve or are traumatized by what shocks our system,  is why we behave as we do.  And we have a history as the Nazarene said, as the twig is bent. . . )

Original Vault of God    (journal entry April 6, 1992)

And the inside is the outside
of the inside of god.
And I am he.
I am the holder
of my mother’s memories.
I am the vault of her
who had me as an expression.
I am the vault of god
who expressed himself
through me and I am
the holder of memories.
God put out an arm to sample the air
and I took form and am
the spirit of him who made me.


artwork by Claudia Hallissey


it is all for real. . . we must care what we do. . . .

November 4, 2019—the night before, Sunday the 3rd of November  I read the following and it undid me.  I will write more of this time later but need to post the edited journal entry of Oct 24, ’91.  I have only been familiar with quantum theory since 2015 and Michael Talbot’s holographic universe.  This has answered more about my life than psychiatry ever could or did.  Even if you do not understand that all time is simultaneous, keep it in mind.  It all really happened yesterday.)

October 24, ‘91 I woke up with the word pewabic and wrote it down in the dark.  Later Jan did not know the word but Mark J thought it had to do with pottery.   There was a Native American tribe known as Pewabic in Detroit at one time. 

I scribed as follows. . .In the dream you were given instructions.  You were working with the hands on a piece of pottery that stemmed from the area where you were.  The ancient civilizations were using the tiles, borrowed from the more modern ones.  Now you halt.  But just take the dictation.  You were seen working with the tiles and with the pottery from a distant past.  The materials were not as ancient as you depict simply because they were of borrowed times.

Now when we speak of borrowed times, we say that within the past and the present, or within the past and the future, there is a melding that defies the linear description common to where you are.  If we were to take for instance, the computer where you sit and work and transport it to another time, it would not have the functions, but the rudiments would be the same.  The ability to work with the hands would be utilized and the time differential would be such that there would be little difference except in the illusion, i.e. the materials.

Even the seepage would be there and indeed the machine would be in some form a part of where you would be and what you would be doing.  Hence, the term, bleed through.  It seems that this area of thinking is common to you and presents so much difficulty, for you see what you see from a kaleidoscopic view, bringing into focus bits and pieces of several dimensions.

It is a difficult state to be in, but you can utilize this by taking a more comprehensive look at things and bringing to it what you can see from eyes that work a bit differently.

It would seem that from a distance all would be of a piece but when the eyes view a particular scene with so much input from other dimensions, a new dimension is thus created.  You would then find that others dismiss as inconsequential what you see, which is not the case.  For what you see is many dimensional and the differing perspectives that you propose would do much to enhance the ability of others to understand those things needing a larger premise.

When you describe your Pewabic dream, the dream  of making with the hands, you already ask the question, what was I doing there?  And when was this?  You already have the ability to esconce  yourself in the time frame  you wish to work.  You find that the dreaming is the dimension where you learn what it is you do and bring to your tasks the abilities to bear.

What then can you understand from the time frame?  That within the dream you sashay back and forth , utilizing the classrooms everywhere you are.  You mesh with the folks of the time period and oh yes, they indeed know you.  You are visible to many of them.  They wish for your arrival.

You speak the languages.  You understand their desires with an understanding that speaks to their hearts.  And how we ask does she do this?  By simply thrusting the heart into place and using it as her springboard.  What we would ask you now, since the dream presented such a vivid response in so small a portion visible, take your information and relay it in the best manner possible.  We will give you impetus to what you do.  It is time now to give to others some semblance of stability in a time of no normalcy.

artwork by claudia hallissey


Scribing Selections. . .


Scribing Selections. . . .

The world opens and closes to give us glimpses momentarily.  But these glimpses of the view linger to haunt us forever.


What you see is not what you get.  What you get is what you see.


What stays in the mind is easier to relate to than what is visibly present.  Sometimes the moment is too rich to be palatable; a photo of the event can be enough.


Freedom is a sacrament and sacraments are hard to come by.


What is visible is visible and what is visible can be chosen not to be seen.  The depth of perception only depends on the inmost courage of the individual in his capacity to deal with impending events.


When to release the child in us is such a tortured event we must with courage ask why.  We think often it means our death is imminent but perhaps we need this release for life abundant.  But only as we observe with knowledge that life is neverending, is everlasting and the challenge is in the journey, is the hope that mankind  will tolerate the fact that destiny is in mankind’s hands.


What happens in the world we inhabit is but a reflection of the greater world and what transpires in greater degree elsewhere.


When one proclaims his ignorance in life and death questions he also proclaims his negligence in the obligation of thinking.


The split in Man is so dichotomous that his life is one mass of contradictions.  He will volunteer his help or do work for the underprivileged in his three name suits and she in her Italian shoes will do charity and they will drive the ill to their chemo appointments in luxury vehicles . . . A complex situation to be sure as they wonder the reasons their children are in counseling. . . . .


Claim The Difference. . .


Claim The Difference. . .


From a July 24,’84 entry—-because I have integrated simultaneous time during my adult life (it was not easy and I also am familiar with dimensions of no time with dream frames posted on my blog), the following was an early topic of discussion (from a cosmic view, yesterday).  I have quoted Albert Einstein on simultaneous time and also philosopher Robert Nozick on World Creation (0thers also) during recent years upon discovery.  Since I am not credentialed, these have been in over half a century of Independent Study I have researched.

I was told and I scribed the following. . . I asked. . . was it a different world?

It was, it was.  It was a world where belief had the power of logic.  Where prayer was direct communication with what was the belief at the time, where the arch angels stepped between man and his desires and procured them for the supplicant.  It was all those things and more.

Man did not roam the Earth without an anchor at will or put his faith in the machines that mimicked his mind.  He conquered what he needed with the virtue within.  He did those things because he did not know he could not.

With all that he was he was able to do.  Anything.

With all that he thought, he was able to bring under his dominion all that he thought had life.  And he brought these under his dominion.  Until he tired.  Until he became less entranced with the trivialities of the dailiness and became enamored with the glitter of his toys.

He could do these things because the thought that he could not do them did not enter his mind.  Think on that for awhile.  It was a different world.

It was a world where the jester could make the common man laugh.  Because the jester was comical.

And the common man was not conscious of what made the comic a comic.  And now everyone is a comic. Everyone is what he thinks he is by mimicking what he sees, what he reads and what is heard.

We do not resent what we see here.  Instead we ask what did we not do?  We take into account that you say the difference is slight.  We say to you then, claim the difference.  Do not allow those who are limited, limit you.

Knowledge is innate.  You know the difference in worlds.  Use it.

Prayer in  Concert  (excerpt). . . 

now you tell them
in languages understood
how deep the hunger for knowledge
can be as if for bread; to keep alive
a mind from sleep;
(like scourge it contaminates
all minds of men).

We wake them up and
put to work the fathers
of the children forever seeded

with memory from a place the angels tread.



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