Parent On Premises . . .

When my youngest was born and I realized I was the parent on premises, literately and figuratively, there were certain things in my belief systems that I knew and took possession of.

I owned the knowledge and its consequences, not verbally expressed but  were my walking companions.

I wanted this knowledge to be part of our sons, that love and life on this earth was sacred and must be guarded.  The only way was for me to be their example.  That it would take every day of my life was not in my thought.

It was the food of my day and nights, now I see.  What we feed our minds is what we become.  I did not want my example to need explanation to someone they respected.

Any surety in teaching has to be with no lag in mind, heart and behavior.  Not easy to be sure. This trinity, mind, heart and action must be evident to be effectual to the who of who you are.

You do not lose your ability to think differences nor potential.  Deviations only create doubt and nullify all  the fancy words concocted to justify ‘only human’.

Because we come into the present world with a history, it means histories are different. Yet the focus, the broader vision must include the greater  potentials of all of us.

We must be open to learning what might be uncomfortable even for the teacher.

Albert Einstein said that we must understand time else we never understand the why of us, the who we are.

(Feb 1, 2018—I scribed . . We deal with linear measurement.  It has stabilized the environment and made teaching easier.  Children now being born are versed to the enth degree in other worlds where they are familiar,  but here have difficulty with this Earth’s time element.  We throw in the hodge podge of linear measurement which is kindergarten for them having dealt forever with simultaneous time.

So we insert the thought that all this has a connection.  It is of utmost importance that the simultaneous worlds of time and events are still happening is essential to growth. 

We have here the ability which you display to live almost to a hundred with the idea which has sustained you through the years.  You know that simultaneous is what you do as you cross boundaries in worlds that have no name.  You take events and artifacts from one culture and take them with you and display them with the artifacts of the world you are in.  )

We are not without history.  We know what we know. We can conjure what we aspire to but we must be free to explore what rises within us to plague, to remind us of what we came to do, to learn and make the difference to benefit all life.

I negotiate for a bit of time for some really fun stuff .  I hope to send some felt ideas to the great granddaughters to create and also to know who flicked the lights on and off to wake me when my younger said he did not. 

As I formed the question , the responding immediate comment indelibly on my mind was . . . there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than were ever dreamed of in your philosophy. . . . .   

My immediate response. . .thank you Shakes . .  thank you.  Ahhh men and amen.  Life is everlasting.


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