Our Hearts Shout Our Validity . . . .

Mar 10, 2024. . . it seems I repeat and repeat.  We are not a stupid people, yet why do we act so?  I received an email from a daughter which was written on my forehead.  (it seems so anyway because I remembered it immediately.  words were thus. . . no matter how broad the hammer nor how hard we pound,  we cannot put common sense in stupid people!!! ) To say humans disappoint me has me wondering what I saw as their  potential to alibi them so long?  To say I need a psychiatrist?   I have had them for half my life.  My beloved Dr. Heinz told me he had met a patient like me 4 or 5 times in his life but only in medical books.  He corrected himself when he said Europe was the only place to accept me, because he said he was conscious of too many changes even in his Vienna. 

He was conscious acutely of character and would not hesitate to shout BETRAYAL when told of contradictory behavior.  Behavior changes are only as good as observable changes with no remorse and regret when the bar for change is deliberately lowered with an I’m only human excuse.  It doesn’t hold water, sorry.   Please don’t take my time.  I have so little left.

Will our daughters who become mothers of sons need to shout that the behavior of a rotter wordly high official does not give an okay to their son to behave like him!  Because I said so!  And I am YOUR MOTHER!

 July 8, 2021  . . I need to put this down before it goes into the forget pile.  As most things do nowadays.  But this I think is most important because we as a nation are becoming most distrustful as well as unforgiving about differences within even our  families.  It is a despairing situation, and I worry about the children growing up within families that don’t allow even for the genetic mayhem happening randomly with no ill intent.

My favorite philosopher, Ashleigh Brilliant, would no doubt label my perspective and me as God’s Mistake.  And the psychiatrist whispers that I am lucky to be alive.  But you see, I think this country is the most magnificent Rehab Unit in the world.  We are all here because of courage to vacate situations which were the death of all of us.  Whether the conditions were familial, or country, or monetary or healthwise; no matter.  They were not life giving but life taking.

I read I had awakened from a teaching dream taking most of the night and written down all the memorable elements.  And ended with these last words  my brother Stanley saying ‘it is enough for here and now.  Let’s just get this life, this world,  right.’

And following that segment, I wrote. . . (there were faces that passed by me, from handsome and beautiful to strange and weird and then to beautiful again.  It was a most fluid scene.  Now the thought occurs that this is what life is about.  That fluidity, the ability to see change and not be averse to it, not be repulsed by what life is in all of its worlds.)

I scribed the teachers  April 17, 2018. . . It would seem that repulsion should be part and parcel of what you saw.  Yet the introduction is given where you are and the majority of people have their favorite prejudices.  They avoid what it is that is not like them.  Whether color or patterns of behavior, etc.  Yet we realize that for civil life to go on unobstructed there must be a mean behavior attended to.  There must be a behavior which will not obstruct human justice or civil life, mannerly life.  Else as you say, civilization goes down the tube.  What must be allowed in civil life must also be accepted within the individual. 

Because there are more problems  adherent to the new norms  one will encounter in other dimensions.  Whether burn victims, handicapped or malformed individuals  can be seen as spirits and soul on a pilgrimage, will commend the viewer to a better understanding when the other dimensions come into view.  It seems a small way to begin, but begin we must at all levels.

So simple yet it seems like arguing by the high church as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin!  Pointless yet similar to the descriptions by Frank Herbert of the Dune Face Dancers.  And the world dimensions of the Shikasta by Doris Lessing. 

Yet looking at the haunting videos of the January 6 Insurrectionists of our Capitol Building, revealing the aged faces and bodies not having learned the respect nor knowledge for the nobility of the building housing the revered character of our Constitution, devastates.

I still write the truth that what we teach within the walls  of our homes to the first years of our young, will determine the sacredness of the prophet’s peace on earth and  what will be eaten at mankind’s tables.  Whatever language we speak,

the heart will shout its validity.

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3 responses to “Our Hearts Shout Our Validity . . . .”

  1. email from maria. . . HI Veronica, Once again I tried but wasn’t able to post a comment on your blog, so here it is in email…..
    The idea of our country as a rehab is wonderful Veronica. I can see that so clearly, it’s young and a place fr beginning again. But that also as you say makes it stupid at times. Maybe adolescent? Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom I know you feel and are concerned for all of us.
    Love Maria

  2. I appreciate your comments and will post emails w/permission. love all muchly but you know that already. . . will keep working to fix what is needing mending. . . veronica

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