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November 4, 2019—the night before, Sunday the 3rd of November  I read the following and it undid me.  I will write more of this time later but need to post the edited journal entry of Oct 24, ’91.  I have only been familiar with quantum theory since 2015 and Michael Talbot’s holographic universe.  This has answered more about my life than psychiatry ever could or did.  Even if you do not understand that all time is simultaneous, keep it in mind.  It all really happened yesterday.)

October 24, ‘91 I woke up with the word pewabic and wrote it down in the dark.  Later Jan did not know the word but Mark J thought it had to do with pottery.   There was a Native American tribe known as Pewabic in Detroit at one time. 

I scribed as follows. . .In the dream you were given instructions.  You were working with the hands on a piece of pottery that stemmed from the area where you were.  The ancient civilizations were using the tiles, borrowed from the more modern ones.  Now you halt.  But just take the dictation.  You were seen working with the tiles and with the pottery from a distant past.  The materials were not as ancient as you depict simply because they were of borrowed times.

Now when we speak of borrowed times, we say that within the past and the present, or within the past and the future, there is a melding that defies the linear description common to where you are.  If we were to take for instance, the computer where you sit and work and transport it to another time, it would not have the functions, but the rudiments would be the same.  The ability to work with the hands would be utilized and the time differential would be such that there would be little difference except in the illusion, i.e. the materials.

Even the seepage would be there and indeed the machine would be in some form a part of where you would be and what you would be doing.  Hence, the term, bleed through.  It seems that this area of thinking is common to you and presents so much difficulty, for you see what you see from a kaleidoscopic view, bringing into focus bits and pieces of several dimensions.

It is a difficult state to be in, but you can utilize this by taking a more comprehensive look at things and bringing to it what you can see from eyes that work a bit differently.

It would seem that from a distance all would be of a piece but when the eyes view a particular scene with so much input from other dimensions, a new dimension is thus created.  You would then find that others dismiss as inconsequential what you see, which is not the case.  For what you see is many dimensional and the differing perspectives that you propose would do much to enhance the ability of others to understand those things needing a larger premise.

When you describe your Pewabic dream, the dream  of making with the hands, you already ask the question, what was I doing there?  And when was this?  You already have the ability to esconce  yourself in the time frame  you wish to work.  You find that the dreaming is the dimension where you learn what it is you do and bring to your tasks the abilities to bear.

What then can you understand from the time frame?  That within the dream you sashay back and forth , utilizing the classrooms everywhere you are.  You mesh with the folks of the time period and oh yes, they indeed know you.  You are visible to many of them.  They wish for your arrival.

You speak the languages.  You understand their desires with an understanding that speaks to their hearts.  And how we ask does she do this?  By simply thrusting the heart into place and using it as her springboard.  What we would ask you now, since the dream presented such a vivid response in so small a portion visible, take your information and relay it in the best manner possible.  We will give you impetus to what you do.  It is time now to give to others some semblance of stability in a time of no normalcy.

artwork by claudia hallissey


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