It Is What It Is . . .

It All Connects. . . .

This is kind of a sidebar explanation that I connected in my head from a long ago comment.  But first I want to say that an errand had to be run because we are still in the reconstructing of a kitchen needing final finishes. I asked son John who has done the masterful job of pushing out walls  and stuffs I could not envision, was there much traffic out there today.

He said quite a bit  and I said that stay at home directives were hard on the American mentality.  When go to the corner was a first understood punishment and the next, go to your room and stay there. . . was the true lamented of the average soul determined to run.  There were exceptions who relished the solitude at a young age.  Our two eldest always left the room with a smile when told to go to their room until I say to come out.   (I saw those smiles)

But I was driving my visiting sister around one summer holiday and she commented on the unmowed lawns and untidy landscaping compared to our childhood yards we both remembered.  People then did not leave their homes much except for the few who had cars.  We were fortunate because our father had a Franklin,  though at the time laughed at as a box car.  But it did have wheels and gas for the weekend and we went to the farms  of  people we knew and had an ice cream cone on the way home.  So I never considered us poor.

But on this drive of neighborhoods,  my sister’s comment was,  does no one stay home anymore?

And when John said there was a bit of traffic, I made the comment of how hard for the American mentality.  Where my life was tied to a public person who became suicidal when forced to stay home and whose idea of the only life worth living was breathing the polluted exhale of the street people, his relief would only be to die.  And I would hope so immediately.

We watch the boy child running from window to window wanting to run off and though the chronological age is 70 or 80 years,  it still is the boy/girl child that cannot  grasp the enormity of the  health crises.  And they cannot.   It is what it is.

We give further thought as to why there is no ability to connect to what is happening.   Have you not wondered why?  We come back anon.


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