When GIVEN Thoughts Require Attention. . . .

The children will know the highest and best framework you have chosen is one by which your own heart was healed.


We say take love and use it and it will heal the rift which threatens to become a chasm man will never be able to cross by himself.  Would you be able to help if need be?  But who could you trust to do it?


To ask in thought for help presumes the presence of an Other.  It is a love affair of the greatest kind.  Heaven aims to educate the heart which is ripe and ready and open.


Eric Hoffer states in his book on loving that when one comes to the time to do good, if one is aware of good, the choices are few.  When you become better and better, your options narrow.

Heaven goes one better, I scribed.  When approaching sainthood, the options are not there anymore.  They refer to those who have made the Light a Beacon force in their lives; when the mind is one with the god mind which gives life, no matter the personal consequences resulting.  Humanity’s progression is the only path to take.

(now you try to sleep). . . .


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