When Scribing With Heart . . .

I wrote this letter to Jane and when I finished I realized that I scribed it.  Because it was of my heart that I wrote, and it was a personal letter, I had to ask permission to post it.  There are so many important sentences with lessons involved, that if I was a teacher with credentials here I would take them one by one and lecture each.  I have permission to share from Jane but leave the lessons for each reader’s discernment. 

Jane,  I moved myself from the TV room  and came into the workroom.  A mess but better this understandable mess than the one in the living room of the insurrection portrayed within our country’s chambers.  My heart breaks and I tire of crying because it takes all my energy.  I  cannot conjure up anger or sympathies or outrage by the behavior of adult bodies acting like children hardwired on sugar.

It all takes energy I do not have.  But I was astonished by your post of the quilt.  My first feeling is of amazement.  How did you stay with it so long, working so intricately with details?  You did not hurry and finish, but the last details if there were any, are just as painstaking as the first.  That is what amazes me. 7

I could not take the time with things I loved doing because I was called on to help with the so called real work of my mother or the hurry up and finish because of what I had to do when married.  I immediately see these in the display of people who obviously loved their work.  And you are an example of that.

It takes my eye right away.  What beautiful work you did on this quilt.  The handwork and the machine work is so precise and so lovingly done.  Thank you for posting this. You restored my faith in work that obviously took a good teacher when you were learning and you were a good student to adhere to principles of good workmanship.  I could do a chapter on this quilt and your work without half trying.

My husband always said I read too much into things.  It was because he did not see what I saw.  We all see differently.  You would agree to what I see in your work now and say I am on target.  Even if it was not in your conscious mind before. 

But your mother was a good teacher.  Her work you have said you want to finish what was not finished.  And because there was love between you,  you were a good student of what she taught.  And because of that love,  she was the recipient of your loving care for a long time. 

People don’t often realize character is revealed by the actions of their days.  What goes into our rearing leaves its mark.  And determines our touch on everything including the lives of commitments.  You are quite wonderful, probably even more so than what we know.

Your hands have learned beautiful things.  You lay them on what you do with artistry, and in that artistry is great love.  Thank you for showing me this.  Loving you,  Veronica

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