we do what we can. . . . .

Researching  a topic  in spite of all the good intentions, its  purpose is they say constructively, to criticize.  Make no mistake, criticism  in fancy dress still means  you are wrong.   They want to set you right.

In this case, I realized that all my life I talked to animals and they to me.  Trouble only started when I said out loud that I knew something because I understood them.  Others feel the same as I do but most say nothing out loud. 

The blue jay when I mimicked him tried to take me down and missed.  Maudie the dove, allowed me to watch her and when I had to move her and her eggs,   let me and even pick up her hesitating chicks to give a boost to their first flight.

Like the bird who rested for a second on my back while I sat on the patio.  When in grief we were ready to put Prince down, I hesitated somehow hoping something would save me and my heart would not break.

 As if printed in bas relief were the words above his head staring straight at me, . .you would not make me do this alone?  I said out loud of course not and followed him out.

What brought me to this was Leroy, our Newfie, who yodeled and told me how happy he was and feeling good.  I kissed his bushy head and when in the kitchen realized that I knew he felt good because he had transferred a picture of me massaging him with lotion the day before and it helped his itchiness. 

Coming to mind was Temple Grandin, who even with a handicap was able to communicate with animals, making  a life helping them.

Not as grand a scale of course,  but in my way, in my frame of reference,  this is what I do and I would suppose, lots of people.  We have animals we love who love us.  In our way we take care of each other.

If we approach our commitments in such manner,  life will be magnificent in all aspects and evolution will be enjoined across the board for human enrichment.  The timing for this will be prime because how could goodness however small in scope, not be used?  If it was not, we would not be.

And we will find what we think is a small effort, is in effect, magnificent.  There is nothing this world can give to reward your heart’s offering.  Only the Greater Heart understands its value.                                                                   

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    • Catherine, there are some who say I project my thoughts but somehow I feel they boundary the smaller creatures. I remember reading that oftentimes souls wish to smell the good earth again and will send a portion of soul stuffs riding other creatures. I like to think it is a love from another time come to visit!

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