Side By Side, We Share Space. . .

How We See . . .

Perspectives create dimensions.  Perspective creates worlds.  Perspective creates your Reality. 

Look at the last statement.  You have heard it mentioned that we each create our reality.    Each reality is a different world.

Most of us  share  5 common senses to see our world.  And our experience has taught us how we view our world that is common to most.  Some of us have had experience that have given us another sense or two.  We may see with a depth added to what we are born with because of our experience.  Or hear with depth what is not said.  Like perhaps a musical instrument added to the instruments being used.

How you see your world, this place we are in now is different from what I see as this place I am in.  We are next to each other now.  But what we see is different in degree yet what we see may be common to us.  But the difference in what we see is enough to make our worlds not the same.

There is a difference in the world of each viable Being.  Each Being holds a perspective.  We people see differently as well as dogs see differently as well as cats see differently and birds.  There are layers of viable life and living within dimensions and perspective differs for each species. 

What I mean as different, the chair in front of us is not seen possibly as a chair for other viable beings.  It may seem as an obstacle of a sort, but not as a chair for the dog.  The dog  may wonder about this obstacle but does not know he can walk around it.  He may not see space around it but may see it as fully taking all the room he sees. 

That what we see is not everything there is to see.  I described to the psychiatrist what I saw and he whistled through his teeth when I was through and said you realize that not everybody sees what you see.   He was amazed that I stayed out of the hospital with my particular ability or bent.

Doris Lessing writes in her Shikasta series that a woman speaks to her psychiatrist of her 2 percent difference in perspective and he sees a quality of thought.  And that 2 percent quality puts not only the speaker but the listener in different countries and possibly in different worlds though they be side by side. 

We have to integrate differences and accept them to be able to live peaceably in this country and eventually worlds.   Our country seems magic to the world because we marry whom we love though cultures are different.   Love alters differences.

It is my intense desire to keep this planet alive and this classroom operative for those already here.  And those who wish to make a difference.  And children are that hope in this best of all learning places.

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  1. Maria, when we hear a comment or something lights in or on us, and we give thought, evolution takes a step forward. And when a thought is difficult to assimilate, it is important to keep thinking it through. We go farther each time, filling in the picture. Perspective is a unique talent in each of us. Respecting it means we give our best to it. Your effort is inestimable. veronica

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