Ambient Adherence. . . the vibes they will teach us. . . .

This I journaled in my Jan 14, 2022  entry. . . Much had been going on for most of the month of December and now into January with two hospital visits with atrial fibrillation and adverse reactions to new meds, I started a letter to friend John thinking to post it but I would have caused depression in many a sensitive reader.  And entering the third year of the Covid pandemic, my blog readers did not need another verification that we might go down the tube again.

And now with Putin invading Ukraine and with the Russian peoples taking to the streets in protest, we may see the answer to problems we face that wars will never solve again.  I admit that when Putin took Crimea in 2014 I was busy with personal problems having no room for international conflicts. 

Our heads can only handle what we can handle and sorry not to be hail fellow well met.  But sweet Jesus, how much more of everything can be met without going to the waters on our knees?

The following was written after much argument and negotiations with my cosmic teachers. Because you see my rants are still the same.

 I need also do an essay on Ambient Adherence.   I think much is lost when not taken into consideration is the ambience adhered of attitudes from the place where one is.  I did not realize what I was picking up simply by breathing the air and injustices on us who integrate the time and place and also the mechanics of the devices we carry with us. 

We inhale the vibes of our days.  If we are thoughtful, we see our issues and try to heal ourselves. We also look for ways to avoid the pain of looking within and the work involved. We also see the games played and the lies told.  We are not fooled.

Like for instance, how Televisions capture the pictures of people in the midst of going about business and relating to the times. And who profits the most by playing the games used by choosing which families to incarnate.

The handheld phones and the swift answers to likes and dislikes remind us always that we have a voice.  And who profits from  addictions and mental problems of children who are harmed the most.

Enough reminders make us either immobile and sick or sick and mentally unable. People will leave these times with mental conditions needing many generations to overcome, leaving  disabled souls on the curb.  These are called gifts?   

I realize that not everyone has the courage to confront their issues but for the privileged few who are given further education, the hope is that somehow there will be a spine also given to clean up their acts.  What we see is that the privileged  find ways and means of avoiding self confrontations.  

With education comes the knowledge that the world offers many ways to  doing some good for reputations  to be honored without any work being done on the self.

And the self being one that has contributed in many ways through the centuries to the morass of ancient angst but then who casts the first stone?

artwork by Lucinda Cathcart (my niece)

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  1. email from Suzanne. . . Well said, Veronica.

    There are many times when I think that the human species is an example of God’s experiment gone wrong…


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