Out Of The Evolutionary Rut. . . .


Kicking the wheel out of the rut. . . .

After many years of struggle, and a broken heart in  repair constantly, I finally began to peace and to piece my problem when reading the Clan of The Cave Bear.  I know, I have spoken nonstop and written many times of this.  I recommend this book again, please.

Through the years of thought and study and contemplation, and conversation which no one truly wanted to engage in with a ‘why go there?’ mentality, I found an answer somewhat to at least give direction to me.  And a way to broaden my understanding to further enlighten the heavy  concept of evolution.

My inability to understand or comprehend  is not an obstinacy in the individual  to change behavior but their inability to do so.  The minute we ask, how could you whatever, or how could you not . . . whatever, we see the inability of the individual .   And we have to realize then the purpose of life is to learn and to broaden our understanding.  Then the next step leaves no gap in the fabric of the person.

It has caused me great pain throughout my life because I thought it all a matter of will.  The will to change or where to change.  I thought to work harder, longer, and be open to wants, I could then fulfil all obligations and adapt further.  It was not reciprocal of course. 

It did not work both ways.  Only by wanting what my behavior showed,  the Other would hopefully emulate the ways to  gain what they see.  But that we have no control over.

Our democracy has been an encouragement to all people desiring a chance to express and live by their chosen beliefs.  To be bluntly hammered by our elected ones in the previous administration who wish to undermine our democracy in favor of their own power agendas gives rise to obvious selfish choices.  These are not those with inabilities of intellects but conscious choices.

There is a difference.  Inability to comprehend because the footwork of steps not taken to integrate knowledge is one thing.  Conscious choice for power is quite another.  Deliberate policy change of our elected officials must be noted.  And is our responsibility to remember when voting. 

Autocratic governments intent on power is a dreaded thought in  mind as we enter sleep at night.   Most of us are not familiar with the word genocide.  Yet as adults we carry the faces of those pleading for life  burned into our memories with the eleven o’clock news.  The devastation has us reaching for the already half empty vial of nitro glycerine  tablets on the night table.

The inability to comprehend is not part of autocracy.  It is an evil chosen to eliminate a peoples.  Make no mistake in this understanding.

Years of tradition, differences in cultures, climates or locations, all serve  various functions; mainly to help people survive.  And the primary instinct is not to die.  And any change directed toward diversity from what is known is met with hostility.  And ends up with the Other feeling there is something wrong with them.  They are not good enough.  Which gave rise to the beginning question, how could you?

The brain has to open in all areas just to learn to smile, to laugh, to sing, to conceive or grasp concepts.  From the first wail to the last gasp, it is a matter of evolution.  What we learn to do and is grasped by others, will enhance the good or ill of humankind.

Dr Jonas Salk said that since humankind knows pretty much how to survive healthwise, it is past time to concentrate and help humanity to survive humanely.  It is time we learn to practice and learn the kind of precepts that will enhance our abilities to help the less fortunate to survive not only humanely but joyously. 

It is time for all to kick the  wheel of progress out of the mud and give humane evolution a jumpstart.

When we judge, when we vow to get even, when we cast that first stone and break a spirit, life will demand restoration.  Balance is the forgiveness life demands for itself. 

We all want to make a difference.  Created equal?  In a world unnamed yet to us we will be the ones needing patience and help in the rudiments of life we are not familiar with.  It is a matter of learning to become whatever our potential is.  We are diverse, not matched in all ways.  Some things, yes, but all ways, no.

And luckily for us all, there is no final chapter. 

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  1. email from Suzanne. . . Every word true, Veronica. Lately I am constantly weeping for all of us.
    Blessings and love to you…

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