Born With Conscience . . . .

and memory. . . . . .

My readers are perceptive and I grasp eagerly what they say.

One said there are places I would not be allowed to voice my thoughts or concerns.  I have lived  almost my entire life being cautioned as I left the house about what I say.  I had no intent but to do good. 

It became a constant worry so I seldom spoke in public.  With a grandson’s urging and expertise, I now journey publicly.            

Another  commented on my  work with much sensitivity saying it was difficult at best.  Only when one is knowledgeable can one surmise cruelties to their psyches.  These are people of conscience. They teach from experience with coping when life blind sided them with balls from left field with chronic illnesses, and insensitive cruelties, acquired by growth with memory with  pain.

I began journaling  because there was no one to talk to.  Born with an open head and memory alive, any question I asked was the wrong question.  Like when I was ten and asked where was the god we were taught watched our every move  and would strike us dead if we embarrassed our parents.

Were not six million reasons enough for this god to help us?  Where were the smart men in this world, with their elders who knew important things and were powerful enough to run the world but could not stop Hitler’s war?

Conscience is an inner guide to an ethics system of right and wrong.

With a world of pacifists and  artists, a world of sensitive souls  will wilt in the confrontation of a peoples who have  weapons and the ability to arm the dark side of humanity with the power of thought.  This is my thinking at this time.  

I drown in my tears when I think of the immense love that holds this Universe afloat.   Free will is free will.  And I do not like to think that the god within has not evolved further than the human who houses him.

As above, so below, the Nazarine said.   We are heaven’s reflection and heaven, ours.   We choose our realities and our actions determined by our moral ethics.

Conscience and commitment become inviolate words and are immanent in those of caliber.  We who have lived the lives intent on enhancing life in all quarters,  are born with Conscience with no talk of choice.  What assures life’s growth is everyone’s intent.

As Jonas Salk said many times, we know how to survive physically.  We must now teach ourselves and each other how to live peacefully and accommodate our very small differences. 

The very  large  unifier is the fact that we all find ourselves after these stressful years very tired no matter our ages.  Those of us who have gone down the tube and rebuilt too many times do not wish to do so again.

Sadly traveling beside us are those not knowing the meaning of Conscience nor Commitment.  But our classrooms have taken too many beginnings and their intrinsic value will not be recovered. 

Time is past regretting that our names are not attached with pride to what was ours.    We will not forget.


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3 responses to “Born With Conscience . . . .”

  1. Al, Sydney Harris once wrote that the legacy remembered is the one we leave to those whom we are committed,who knew us best. Public memory is brief; our space already claimed and awaits our departure. Eternal is the gift Given when we are cherished.

    Your comment released a memory deluge. Thank you.

  2. this was the alert I sent to my readers for the basis of the post on conscience. . .

    Hi all. . . It is with Heart and memory I post this day. When our David was leaving this Earth he asked me the question I had only one answer for. He asked with what I knew, how could I go on living? I said because of the three of you who grew beneath my heart. Commitment will always be the reason for Conscience for me.

    Each of us have our own reasons, and I honor yours. Thank you for your gift of time. I give you mine. Veronica

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