A Quirk Of The Mind. . . . .

Because energy can no longer be summoned, memory comes to play as I flip pages of this very difficult lifetime of my history.  Quickly I ensconce in a time the Teachers  called a quirk of mind.  It is my evolution’s restart and life’s rescue.  It also makes a normal life impossibly hard. 

I think of my friend the Joy who came into my home after Religion Class and threw herself down on the couch and said she had only a glimpse of what Hinduism was about.  A glimpse.  Not a bit of understanding.  And I with a quirk of mind began the following:

The Aryans swooped down from the territories I understand is now Iran and went into India, the territory adjacent to inner Europe.  They were the root group.  They were those who spoke the languages  that were of the same tongue, perhaps prostituted from the original meaning, but same family.

What do I know of the times?  I would say but have no way of knowing the conditions in 3500 B.C.  But give or take a time or two when the Aryans swooped down, being displaced from their territories because of famine, floods, or terrorists from the east and north of them, they invaded western India.

Into Delta country where the Indus River had been home to 30,000 inhabitants, a settled habitation.  Well governed with sewage systems, farming and habits necessary to get food from growers and to those needing it.

The Aryans were not part of what India’s culture knew but must have been hospitable to them for absorbing into their territory.  There is no evidential as to how long it took.  Either the Aryans were assimilated into India’s culture or Indians to the invading culture but resulting was Hinduism.


The Indians did not leave because of familiarity of such conducive living conditions.  The Aryans being nomads gravitated always to food, farming and trade.  Basically also because of no root in the people made it easy to be conquerors. Also since communication as we know it was negligible, there was no competition such as my god is better than your god syndrome.  Basic survival was it. Hinduism was a philosophical and sophisticated system of beliefs.  The Aryans being nomadic were attuned to more diverse cultures shared their history with root people less tuned to outside influences.  It would be simple to unite both peoples than to create.   Destined for its time, Hinduism unites  because of the largess of its philosophy.  It  encompasses and provides a place of rest for most people.

My friend, the Joy asked how I did this.  I said I don’t know but in later times was told it was, ‘a quirk of the Mind’.  Maybe, but  an exhausting quirk, dragged to work in tiring times with no hot bath.  What I wonder about is how real the situations  appear to me  when I plant myself in them.  Do  I recall or just assume an identity to help lighten the knowledge?  I really don’t know.  Just as when the Nazarene speaks.  Am I in the audience or do I plant myself in?  Yet what I feel are the emotions and times  not separate to who I am.  It does not take much for me to be there in spirit but the emotions roiling within plant me in the fray.

Yet I  have spooked people out by saying things  they are thinking.  Yet I don’t know where they end their thought and I begin because what I think I am thinking are my thoughts.  Sometimes those thoughts must seem strange even to me.  Did I say what I want to say out loud?

It is like dissecting a butterfly.  And then I would not be able to talk at  all nor think.)

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