we are life everlasting. . .and have been . . .

 White Superiority Is Not New. . . .

I don’t know what could have prepared me for my entry into a white Protestant family.  It was not that they were well versed  about the sect, but something special born into.  And certainly nothing in my history  would have told me the details awaiting me.

What I keep learning has been a burden and no doubt started centuries of wars and dyspepsia in humans.  I hear our David’s question always, but how did you know to do it?

What did I do?  If he meant to discern Ancestor’s Anguish, what had been the shouldered  from generation to generation, it has been the superiority of white protestants through the generations about what they have missed and what was taken from them.  And the Roman’s sense of singular  specialness that they were the ones Jesus spoke to of building his church.

When I realize what had fallen onto my shoulders from the ancients to the progeny saying ‘I cannot handle this’,  it makes me ill.  From the mother who was expected to care for a baby  was saying how little she was too, to the now male parent wanting the sexual free love he saw freely given in his sons’ lives.

I was not averse to the prejudices of my own family, the ‘colored’ as they were referred to as well as the Jews.  The  Black peers did not have access to literature and the Jews placed importance on education that opened doors closed to everyone else.  Also we were  cast as non Romans  because the Pope was not our head of state so we were prejudiced against.  The divisions were great.

White superiority is not a current thing hawked.  It was a teenage grandson who encouraged my blogging and set me up because he thought it time I became upfront.   He was celebrating his 4th  birthday when he said he met his cousin in the place where people wait to get born and her name was Olivia.

So where do memories  come from in the young who do not feel their current gender , whatever they are,  when it is not the  one they feel wearable?  From where is that memory?  Pray tell what will you say when a young one approaches  you of their apriori  gender  and says they want it now!

My mother shouted at her priest insisting she did not teach me whatever I was saying in grade school, and did not know where I learned that!  We are not new to any of these teachings.  Some of us are more perfectly sealed than  others but eventually we are all fair game for the Great God’s  vengeance.  What will we do when that voice within becomes audible  and we actually hear  what is meant for us?  Will we be running down the street shouting say it isn’t so?  Say it isn’t so!

Have you not thought the meaning of life everlasting?  And world without end, and amen and amen?

I scribed what was told me about my differences and how I appeared to others  when I  tried so hard to be like everyone else.  It is not easy being different.  Not easy.  But the children will teach and take us by the hand.  We run out of time  and impatience  is a weapon when we feel threatened.

And worlds watch.  And the blue boy also said, we are watch-ed, we are watch-ed.  Our names are known.


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