Principles will prevail,,,,

Principles will prevail…

We involve ourselves in arguments that exhaust when there is no need. Because our actions will broadcast where we are in our thinking better than the most eloquent essay.

 What will be most apparent will be our calm determination only to one who is looking for what they know to look for. The calm will be evidence of the footwork, meaning the thoughtful conclusions it will show that went on within. If there was none, it will be evidenced that our behavior already has direction from us.

 If there is discussion concerning the issue at hand, our questions tell us that we already know the answer. Therefore, the issue needs further thought. For instance, should we ask what harm could our action cause?

 We already know. It has been part of consideration on issues that when we ask the question, the parts of the whole issue already forms the answer and it is with more thoughtful work that the pieces need to be put in order. It is a process that demands time and work.

 A heart friend who knew me well would always question, why go there? Knowing how much work the process would require. And I was often told that credentialed were paid big dollars to find answers and so far they did not, who indeed was I to think I might?

 I never gave thought to answers as such to what I researched. I looked for satisfying conclusions for this time in space for me. The next time I pursued the topic, I expected more information to be added to what I now had. This is what the spirit of learning entailed. Not definitive answers to what I was beginning to see there was no beginning and no ending. And the ending would tell me that the final chapter was writ, but everything pointed otherwise.

 John Stuart Mill said, “that no philosophy was possible when fear of consequences was a greater principle than love of truth. Ahhh so, this is what I learned. Here is where sensitive discrimination was necessary when human psyches were involved.

 Should upset be the result? Would I be willing to stay around to help broaden the focus and heal the wounds? The argument concludes with even more work. The teacher continues to teach.

photo by Joseph Hallissey III

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