The Last Bird Sings. . . .

A fact in nature changes as the person who perceives it.

The maxim states  ‘A fact is enhanced by what is perceived.  Depends on who is looking and seeing and what they are seeing.  One does not see what one is not looking for.  The person who sees a something  will see that something fully enhanced as either a main subject or like an adjective.’

I was getting on a bus and there were two youngish girls ahead of me.  The wind was gusting furiously.  Someone in front of us loudly complained oh my hair! My hair! My Hair!   It was a time when longish hair was beginning to be  accepted on both genders.  Who is that asked one.   Sounds like a girl!  It’s a guy, said the other.  A guy!

Knowing that cultural change began in the late 4o’s for me,  given time you can see what the girls were thinking by who was  perceiving  the incident.  The important thing for me was what I was looking for with what I had learned.  Which was why I don’t jump to conclusions  and it takes a lifetime to speak my truth.   And I speak for a concern for children who have no words yet for  feeling different:  for little boys who want dresses and girls who want boy toys and throw dolls across the room.

These feelings are not  permanent most of the  times and pass, but otherwise can and do present problems requiring knowledgeable care.  Susan Howatch, the author of the magnificent novels of English philosophical and religious books says the old philosophers did not think human nature was equal to accepting  or could accept extreme variants such as this.

But we know other worlds do exist and with an accelerated process of reincarnation, and I can almost hear the intake of breath, yet Christians among us pray to life everlasting and give no thought to how everlasting.

The dead sea scrolls are evidence to the  Nazarene shouting at the disciples when they asked  where they go   The answer in anger was why  do you ask when you never asked from where did you come?

Yet he says as the twig is bent so shall it grow and most never give thought as to bent meaning also before being born.

I know I repeat and continue to repeat yet I being born with a foot still in boot in my last world and memory of it in mind and habit.  I thought I was like everyone else and did not see others being different.   Of eight siblings I am the last one standing and like the last bird I sing my almost 100 years.

I was busy with  commitments taking my heart and time because they were my present in heart and time. 

There are no options  when the road  narrows to who time and where money.  My brother Stanley said in jest? to me, sis, thank you(s), don’t buy no gas!   Now I find they were more like me but doomed not to talk.

Now there are more being born to this favorite planet with gentle habits and speaking of being happier in other genders.  No one informed them that the reason they know this is that they  remember when they were happier because of memories. 

Being  born other was part of learning to accept differences and learning how to be happy in other skins.  Yes!  how to be happy in other skins is part of the broader focus.

It  was in other skin that I learned what to be cherished meant and learned that the circular and scroll saws in my hands brought utter joy to my heart.

There are too many politicians who do not want to help the troubled youngsters  in their need to search.  They want life as it was whatever that was after no doubt they chased the Native Americans from their lands.

All those who support youngsters to  understand by giving medical and hopefully the broader scope of changing genders will be free to do so..  It will prepare them for greater things in the universe of worlds. 

Not just this world, but maybe where we cannot identify the inhabitants except by their knowledge of us.  

We must convince the worlds surrounding that we are peace loving and eager to learn.  It may not be  true right now  but can we make believe and work at it until it is? 

For almost a hundred  years I have tried.  Will you for just now?  In the cradle of your heart?  Please do.

(I have been fortunate enough to have had psychiatrists walking with me since I was in my thirties.  It was not easy living with a different kaliedescopic perspective of the world which resulted in a lot of sneakers worn with big holes as I walked off my panic not to crash or create mayhem.  But puzzling always when viewing political corruption nationally or globally,  from where comes their political courage to sleep?  Judge not  harshly says my eldest son, with my answer being almost a hundred years is not thoughtless.  I have been present aware and not asleep at the wheel I say.  Almost a hundred years is not rash judgement.   Amen.)

art by claudia hallissey

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    • tres, we must be that safe place for all children where they anchor. Else they will have no trust in our judgment for them to know we listen. Thank you for commenting. vrh

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