Peace. . . .

Many times for many, the comment is forget the past, the moment is all. Some even say too much time is spent in the past but rising thought is not enough is given to understanding the why of it and to rectify behavior which we have dressed cunningly in costumes for battle.

To protect the innocent in our midst from the burden of our unsolved issues is reason enough to pursue the past to its resolution. The weight of our unsolved wars can be devastating enough to stop the hearts in the ones who love us.

The average person thinks that today is born immaculate without the impact of yesterday. If one does not understand its lessons, today is sterile and we go blind into tomorrow as one with no memory who approaches members of family as strangers. The greeting would be good day and where are you from? From your yesterday sir/madam, from your yesterday.

We should gift ourselves with the only gift worth giving. It is to promise to give time to quicksand parts of us we close off. With gained courage we strengthen ourselves and find we even like and can forgive who WE are. And also find we don’t need to camouflage ourselves anymore. It may take a lifetime or two, but we are beings of second chances but who is counting?

No Yesterday . . .

We don’t even have a yesterday
when we forget the past.

And no use looking for a tomorrow
because today does not happen.
It takes a yesterday to make
a Now today.

We can costume our yesterday
and dress it up to be fashionable.
And then possibly you think,
we can walk together.

But I think the proper thing to do,
if not courageous, would be
to stare down yesterday and
suck the fear out of it.

Then perhaps we’ll have a today
as bed for tomorrow.
That assures a future only. . .

If you are okay with that?

2 responses to “Peace. . . .”

  1. Veronica, You are an essential part of my past as well as my present. Indeed, over five decades, you, Joe, Tresy, David, Mark, John, Lori, Josh, Jess, and even Leroy, have all helped to form me. No need to dress up those memories, no wish to block them out. Each day, in the web of whom I am and who I will become, I sense each of you.

    Sending you much love, Catherine

  2. email from Linnea J. . . .Peace . . . .Thank you for Sharing your wisdom and insight and reminding us to focus on the important things. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

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