The Surety Makes The Difference. . . .

A Small Thing To Be Sure. . . .


Lori came to my door while I sat and wished for a derrick to materialize to lift me unto my bed. It never happened but a small miracle did and gave me wings to soar by myself.

Seems like a small thing?  A really small thing and yet by itself I have seen the energy of such a small miracle turn worlds upside down.  And give angels an extra set of wings.  She simply said what her plans were for the next day so that I would have an agenda to build my day. 

I like feeling I am a contributing member of my family and am not kept.  No doubt in a nursing home I would long have been quietly put to bed and sedated.  I am still contributing and even learned  to make anise seed toast for  my Finnish son by another mother who said his family called them dunkers and also called them lokfurs I think.

Another thing came to mind in conference last night was David coming home for chemo  because his Hodgkins was in stage 4.   The anxiety level made it hard for him to sleep.  I pulled a chair close to his bed and sat in silence to allow whatever healing to work its magic.  I found the grip of his hand loosening after awhile  and his God Within was in conference with what was their business.  No boundaries were violated nor needed to be.  The first time he told me in the morning  how important such a small thing transferring energy was.  A small thing to be sure.

A grandson found me vacuuming and needing a break halfway through.  Why are you doing    what you don’t have to do, Gram, he asked.  The truth needed to be told I knew so I proceeded.  Because I love your mother, I said.  A small thing but she did not need one more thing to do that day. 

I tell you true.  When you reach this place  in life where all things connect, ALL THINGS CONNECT.  Nothing is ever lost or not noticed.  No lost causes EVER.  My Mentor gave Mankind what they wanted; a stronger, smarter human who walked this earth to be called God.  But the Nazarene hoped that Man would grow up and we would not, though, have to suffer the little child in the old man to the grave. 

Man is a God Participant whose God Within works as hard as Man Himself works. The footwork though, must be done by man himself.  And that was never a secret.

photo by Diane Rybacki
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