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On Growing Up And Growing Old

To know when one demeans one’s own value system, is to debase the Spirit within.   It is all a value system.   And a value system worth its salt will not be maligned in any manner, not even by systems beyond what one knows.  The value system of behavior based on high premises will be honored.   But the source of the system so designed must be investigated and must be researched.   You cannot adopt a belief system based on an others’  work.  It must be within the frame of reference of the individual who espouses the system.

At what point do we decide on a value system?   We can decide at any point whether we be patrons of the library  or of religious conviction.  Do we need a boundary or do we think that we are innately good and require no other to tell us when we do wrong?   It should always be a choice and understood will be the consequences.   When we decide on a value system we are pointedly within a system we have adopted and are living with it or by it.  We simply have not named it.   Is it necessary for us to name the system or are we happy simply to live it?  These kinds of questions we answer as we move from day to day.   It is the dailyness of living that prods us to abide by what we consider to be good or not.   The normal day to day living already comes with its own set of lesson plans.   The heavens note the bright thoughts that are moving within the Earth boundaries and here we are surprised when heaven’s thoughts match ours.   And it is then we shout revelation!  It is interesting as we march into our tomorrows we find that our steps lend themselves to our own adopted behavior.   We are already living our beliefs by our actions and our thinking.  And those who gravitate toward us are already responding to our belief system or our philosophy.   They say the apple does not fall far from the tree.   Here it can also be said that the friends of one’s walk in life are like us and if we find that there is a one who holds different ideas,  we are then free to either walk along or subtly dismiss the one from our circle.   What we do will be very telling about us.   Should we embrace the one whose thoughts differ we might find at first to be frightened.   If terror compounds our fright we will lose the friendship quickly but we might see, if we try to incorporate different ideas, that our boundaries move apart and our premises broaden in scope.

This is about growth.   It is about evolution and it is about being human.   Life is exciting and it is an adventure.   It is about growing up and growing old and wise and a leaning post for the young.   And it is about losing our focus on this world at the end of this life and focusing on a new one.   It is still about growth and evolution and about being other than human that our vocabulary has no words for.   But it will still be exciting and an adventure because life is sweet in any dimension.


Roses And Evergreens

Roses and Evergreen Do you wear the rose perfume?” she asked.   Yes I said and then she said that every time she caught the scent she wondered from where it comes and who walks with a bouquet of roses.  I wish it were so.   I would give you a rose.  . . . .thorns to be sure, but a rose with petals of baby skin and a scent reminding you of a place long buried in memory.

And coupled with the stringent passion of evergreen. . . both are the true measure of this woman pilgrim in journey.   The evergreen stands as a fulcrum of entry into a forest of refuge.   We belong here it says.   The rose for its scent of love and the evergreen, its passion.  Both marshaling the heart and mind unto the place I know best.

So we must paint roses in the cheeks of the newborn to remind them of the place from which they come.   And with the roses will come the scent they remember.  The evergreen will remind them also of what it is they hold as memory.   Remember the sabers were put across each other at the foot of the evergreen.   A constant reminder that peaceful skills must be honed each day and that they must be taught from the very first breath.  These memories will be sufficient to carry them to the end of their days.  They will remember and know the place that held their hearts and  that with these  they will find peace with understanding.   They need not speak of it but they will know each other by their actions and the love in their hearts.  Their hands will grasp each other and they will know then how much they were loved.


About The Journey, The Process

One brother told his other brother and underscored that the journey is the only thing, the process if you will,  is the only thing worth the struggle.   And I found the following notes in my work from the Teacher and the Teacher said:

To be able to come to this conclusion, truly is what we work at.   All else are diversions.   All else are those things which are but a tangent of the premise.  Either one finds it for oneself or one does not find it.  Either it is learned in the process or one escapes it entirely and finds that the carrot is not all that good tasting and one must find another carrot.

The goal is unimportant.   The goal is such that it can change and with the change the sweetness is not what one thought.  When you spend a lifetime not swerving from your position,  staying where you are, in the searching you find yourself.  It brings a feeling of compromise with the Earth,  with the Heavens and with yourself.   And the compromise finds you a step ahead with brotherhood in the making.   A step that will bring to the unborn not a feeling of intensity of destroying all the old but one of building where they are and finding a depth, a richness and a spirituality just where they are.   It is not only the way of the world.  It is the way of the universes, for life is everlasting.  To learn the rudiments, to learn the process, puts the mystery back where it belongs.   Within the Godhead and in the Being who is part of the Godhead.

We don’t separate the Being from the Godhead.   We don’t separate Man from God.  We bring it all down to where we are or lift ourselves up to where it is being played out in all dimensions.  We catch glimpses of it all and then because we cannot pursue it in depth,  must be satisfied with glimpses.

Some are given greater glimpses, more in depth visions of greater scope.   But what it all means is that from where we are, to pursue in depth what it is we require brings the greater vision to us and gives greater meaning to who and what we are.  This then is the journey, the process.   We then are able to reflect it in who we are and what we do.   The process being the most important, observations being of immense proportions because of the intensity designated.

It is no small thing being done, small though it looks.  But appearances are not all.   Appearances are the mirror of what is done elsewhere doing what one is supposed to do in order to discover what one can about oneself.  There is a purpose in the learning when it is applied to all areas of life.   And much to be learned that applies to philosophy as a whole.   We take this day with this knowledge and proceed.   We cannot hold anything back but give forth of all that we are to what it is we do and react to.   We plough the field in our own way so that when the plough is lifted, there is no reason to look back.   We will have made straight furrows and there will be no reason ever for another to look and say that the furrows were crooked.   Not when we have given our best throughout and have thought through and worked through the process.

Much is given and since the majority stand where you are in upbringing and commitment and priorities and not in the forefront of the entertainment world,   this is where the work is.   It must be done in the kitchens , in the bedrooms and in front of the fire if it is to work anywhere.   And the root system must be looked at and taken into account.   And the individual’s own responsibility and their accountability is held to be the measure.   Without knowing what it is we do, without being consciously present in the life of one, by the ability and strength that comes from release and healing, one is able to step into an other’s shoes and help to show that there is a solution,  there is a way to freedom that comes, but only when the footwork and only when the material learned is integrated.  One does not integrate a human race, not even on a civil level truly unless the individuals are integrated within themselves.  It is hard to accommodate an Other within one’s circle when one’s world has not been able to accommodate one’s Self.

It is necessary to be civil for civilization not to erupt and go down the tube again.   But not until there is true accommodation for who and what one is,  and forgiveness, can there be peace at the table where one is,  whether it is the dinner table or the conference table.   We talk about a unification,  about a healing in the dichotomy of man.

Let us pursue it further and go about doing it.

(My gratitude is immense.)


Wrongful Death

We have put so much faith in the medical profession but they ultimately cannot deliver us
from death.  Oftentimes in our western culture, agonies are prolonged as surrounding
relatives make their peace with what a very wise teacher once said to a student,  the only
thing you have to do is die.   The homework is up to you.   And often the departure is fraught with negatives.   The biggest being our inability to leave with dignity.   For then we are stripped of our freedoms;  the freedom to leave with a mind intact.   Is this the purpose of a life?  Is death so ominous that a breathing body vacant of spirit is preferable?

Preparation should have allowed for the personality to keep as much of its functioning self
as possible.  Medical science can make it easier for leave taking on both sides when what we leave is a body still recognizable with a spirit of the beloved we know.   It does not help when our memories are fraught with last months and years of pain that distort the image of the one held dear.  Medicine often negates all we tried to do in life.   When the body is programmed for long life it would be best if we also programmed the mind.

With so much emphasis on the body, we have left no time to fill the mind with nourishment befitting a body determined for immortality.   The spirit makes the break.  Little by little ,  the time spent away from the body is longer.   The tenuous thread,  the linkage to the heart in desperation breaks.   And by that time,  who we were can no longer be recognized.  The civilities, the niceties that we encouraged through the many years have departed with the spirit intact.   These are what makes a civilization humane,  civilized and what is left is Cro-Magnon.

The mind that has been fed, that has been nourished, has the right to what medical science offers.  But this mind will also call a halt to procedures that no longer give sustenance but instead steals from it its dignity.   The population at large has not availed itself to the study of man’s place in the universe   Has not availed itself to what has been offered as guidelines, as nourishment for the spirit.   It has not taken as gospel what we all should know from the time of birth. . . . that death too is part of the living process, the earth process.   And if we have accorded dignity to life itself, then death must be included.

To program a body for long life but starve a mind is criminal.   We are deluged with information as to what to do to keep the body active, to keep it healthy.   We are a world of proof that a healthy body,  one told to eat whatever is newsworthy at the moment will result in a body that fights diseases, that will be able to withstand everything.   And yet we will meet death, if not in our youth by misfortune, then in our dotage with a body so well taught that it will continue to do what it is we taught it from day one.  Yet the mind, the spirit has subsisted on kindergarten fare.  On porridge.   And we are left to wonder why mother or papa are not the persons we knew and if we loved them so much yesterday how could they change so fast to being mean and ugly today?

And where the peace and resolve of the unresolved that are suppose to occur at the bedside?  Where the reconciliations when the unable in body are also unable and absent in mind?  And where the spirit of the beloved who has nurtured us in ages past, the linkage to what was, as our children will be the link in the future to what we were?  The emotional tie will be non existent for the grandchildren.   The last memories will be the only memories for some and for the others,  the last memories will be wiped out as not being part of life.   And both are damaged, for unless we  rearrange our priorities, reprogram ourselves, rewrite the lesson plans,  the last memories will continue to be part and parcel of life in this 21st century.

What to do?   Feed the mind as well as the body.   As we stretch the body,  we must also stretch the mind.   New concepts, old ideas made relevant,  religions made vital, philosophers resurrected and visionary poetry made mandatory.  Literature to be taught and understood with today’s technology, in today’s high tech world has application in the dailyness of each of us.   Along with the ability to compute anything and everything, should be stretched the mind’s ability to grasp spiritual concepts to enrich the person.   It will prove to be practical in the long run.   And the result will be characters of substance befitting the body programmed for life everlasting.


Begin With A ‘Maybe’

Oftentimes in my comments I will say that if I can introduce a `maybe ‘ into someone’s thinking,  we can help broaden premises.  Because I have lived long enough to see old ideas fail,  am I open to new ideas.   After due thought, I incorporate them  but  also realize that others are not as eager as I am.  We all know we cannot force feed an entire generation nor even attempt to change long established patterns of behavior.   People do what they do because to change any thing means that all things in the light of what is learned, must be examined.  People know this.  Humans know it.   It is not the work for the fainthearted.   It is the work of a human workaholic bent on cleaning up a mess of too many centuries old.

And in the process of reexamination and change,  what we grant to ourselves, we must grant to Others.   If freedom is ours, having freed ourselves either from a past holding us hostage or some other factor, we must grant to the Other, his.   If we claim the sun to shine on our heads, we must also grant space to the Other for the sun to shine.  What we have is a double edged sword.   We must also grant the right not to change to the Other.   If they prefer the status quo,  it must be granted.   But only if an Other’s space is not intruded upon.   By clinging to one’s own bent,  we cannot damage an Other.

When we have an entire generation bridling under a specific burden, it must be rectified.   That means whatever non-violent tools required, must be used.  We change things then bit by bit.  We know the dangers of drugs.   We know the crunch of unequal opportunities in all walks of life.   So we change by education, by election, by changing laws.  If we have a generation of grandparents seeing beyond their own children and grandchildren,  seeing across waters and generations to come,  we then have those who see life’s continuity.   When we have parents and grandparents viewing their own progeny as mortgage payments requiring due payment,  we will save liters of blood , not only our own but untold generations’ spilling endlessly on soil in wars not needing to be fought.  We will then make a difference.

A young man told me he knew what he was supposed to think and feel.  He said I will continue to try but at that moment he said he was scared.   I told him he was close to the kingdom.   He was.  Enough times told,  the frightened self will begin to change habits.

We can begin with a `maybe’ after due process of thought.


Let Us Fall In Love

post ladyLet us resolve to fall in love with our Earth.  Other resolutions have already died.   Let us fall in love with our Earth and keep her alive.   Yet how does one fall in love with Earth?  It is easy.   It is a different kind of feeling, a oneness, a union that nothing dissolves or divides.  It is the steadiness, the compliance of all things in Nature that yield to a bidding when it is done with love.  She is not secretive.   She is an open book.

This love is a desire to return to a place where the heart knows its completeness;  in its wholeness with the laws of Nature.  We become one and the same.   We are its answer and its prayer, its meditation and its question.   We are what the seeker chooses to establish when all else fails to come to fruition.   When there is nothing that satisfies, there is always the hope and response in the garden, in the fields and in the forests.   In its beaches and in its waters.  It is a communion with the holiness in us and a love which puts all else to shame unless it measures up.

It is a comfortable place to be.   It is what we choose in place of relationships that wither with disillusion.   Nature does not.   She gives from an unending Source, reaching into her carpetbag to bring forth bits of revelation to entice, to give one reason to keep trying.  Yet when she falters, for every grievance she dispenses, there is redress.   In time there is an adjustment, a correction for every injury.   She is easy to love.   But no matter how many other worlds there are, this one is worth taking care of.   No illusions are necessary because she is sufficient unto herself.

In retrospect, this planet has suffered with our lack of stewardship.   So let us fall in love with her.   Let us resolve to take care of her.   It is time now to assume guardianship of this place we call home.

For this time she is all we have.


We Connect With The All

I received an e mail with photos of several large elephants making their way to the home of a man who had befriended them.  This person named Lawrence Anthony spent his life caring for elephants in South Africa.  His death occurred on March 7, 2012.  Two days after he died, wild elephants showed up at his home led by 2 large matriarchs.  Up to 31  of them walked over 12 miles to pay homage to his family.   It does not surprise me that they thought of their caretaker as being more than just this person,  Lawrence Anthony.   The question was asked how did they know of the death of this friend and how was word spread.   Growing up on The Farm during my most formative years I saw very old farmers and their animals in communication not only verbally but with body language.   And the animals understood their caretakers without question.  There was a symbiotic relationship between animals and their caretakers.   They were of one heart.   This is how word spreads in the wild or anywhere when the relationship is of heart and understood so.   One knows at a level that our vocabulary has no word for.   My mother thought cows were the smartest of all farm animals.   She did not think dogs were smart at all.   And yet having read a recent study on dog intelligence,  some do have the intelligence of a 2 or 3 year old toddler.   I am in awe.   Yet I know as one who talks to my dogs and listens to them,  that they tune me out when there is no need evident,  as children do.

As far as the elephants making the journey to pay homage to their friend,  it is not surprising.   We are all connected.  There is a common thread that unites all to the all.   We in the western culture are a very small segment of civilization that does not believe in some level of reincarnation.   Most of the world does with different interpretations to be sure.   Many, many years ago I read that if souls wish to participate in earth life but without human experience, they can send a fragment of spirit or soul stuffs to experience physical life at some level of existence.   Elephants, jungle life of many kinds, dolphins and whales have long been known to have language and systems of thought.   We cannot close out  whole systems of Life simply because we do not understand them.   There are those who have spent their lives in service to an assembly of creatures and have learned to understand them.   One day there will be words in our vocabulary to describe meanings not found now.   Sometimes we have to step outside our frame of reference to begin to understand Other than what we are comfortable with.   How great is our need to know is always a good beginning.   Lawrence Anthony communicated at a level that went deeper than most people’s understanding of deep.   This connection to all life , and some say just sentient life, is as far as some go.   I would go farther and say ALL THAT IS is in everything.  I go so far as to say God in a rock and beneath it also.   I have had to redefine the word God to incorporate my views and friend,  it is a long hard work.


The Need For Connections

It is a fact of life that when things are offered and we do not accept them, then when we want them, we find they are withdrawn.   It is a matter of inner vision, not having to do with sight.   We cannot see our need at the time.   But upon thinking and when we see their value, we find it is too late.

We then of course are sorry.   Whether the thing is offered by a person or because we are in a fortunate situation at the time, we do not

Nature's Wonder

Nature’s Wonder

accept because we have no need.   But to check one’s vision, to see a need before it arises means that one makes connections.   Timing is of the essence.   One must see how the connections between past occurrences and present happenings are related.  The moment becomes all to most people because to live in the moment is the current thought.  But without the substance of the past, the present has no meaning.  It is of itself, sterile.  To bring this home to us, we must think of who we have been to bring us to who we are in this moment.

And if we do not instill meaning in the present today, tomorrow will be bereft.   it will have no meaning and of itself, sterile.   We must avail ourselves when opportunities for change are given.  Too many think that today is born immaculate without the impact of yesterday.   If we do not see how our yesterdays have laid their mark on us, then we will not see how our actions today will affect our tomorrows and those of our commitment.

And we will not see how our harsh winter will yield to a benevolent spring.


Eyes That See

I see a difference in the eyes of people whose vision is long and far away. These are people whose eyes do not stop at the curb but travel distances to a horizon higher than buildings and junks of every order and even lifting beyond the trees and the mountains.

The difference in these eyes is that they do not stop seeing where I begin.  They see beyond my body house and deep into my heart.   I find these souls now and again, but not often.   They do not linger about.   They are not in the malls nor connected to computers all day, nor are they working fingers on text gadgets.   They mostly are found in open fields, or working and communicating with animals or plaguing peoples with questions and puzzles to keep people’s minds from atrophying.   They are the pied pipers of children who follow them about like puppies.

Children often are the first to find these souls.   We must watch our children and to whom they gravitate upon entering a room.   We should follow them.   Others might consider these souls simple because obviously they are neither fashionable nor particularly charismatic.   To engage them in conversation opens worlds alien to us in daylight but familiar in the dark  night.  But children know them instantly and quickly recognize them from a place they both come from.   They know and recognize each other.

I am partial to these souls whose sight . . . inner sight. . . takes them beyond what most consider the here and now, the present.   In a heartbeat I would have their thought and company when I walk my fields.

What do they see?  Perhaps the ability to step behind our eyes to view the world from our perspective is what separates them from us.   Have you not wondered how these souls are able to pick up our thoughts or conversations coming into a room with no introduction?  And their ability to sort out our feelings without prior knowledge of our concerns?   These are special persons.   Special souls who wander among us.

We should grab them by the collar and say with force, halt!  I need you here.  Right now and right here.   They, with innate knowledge would be of immense value because by remembering from where they come and by lifting their eyes to the heavens

they tell us they come with memory.



No Comfort

I don’t as a rule write of personal feelings, though for those who read my work, they would argue that my feelings are evident.   I wish to comment on a favorite blogger whose site is Full Moon Fiber   She is Maria Wulf and she posted Loving Rocky.   It is a big decision she and her husband are working on.  The only thing I can say is that the road is steep and the way is narrow.

There was a decision of a major one we made when it was time to put down our companion dog,   Prince.   He was our companion in every way.   The cancer came quickly and after a hospital visit with a vet who was an expert in this particular disease, his diagnosis was clear and concise.   He said there would only be pain left in Prince’s life.   The day was set for his deliverance from his condition.   We would put him down.

When the day came I thought I cannot do it again.   My husband was going out the door and I stood by the south window and could not bring myself to go.  We were still dealing with emotions from recent events.   I turned around to look at Prince and as clearly as if the words were spoken out loud they were heard inside my head.   ‘You are not going to make me do this alone, are you?’  His eyes were pinned on me and they were clear and he was ready.   I found myself saying out loud, ‘of course not.’  I followed him out.

Did he say those words or was it only my thinking that he did?    If it were possible for this dog to speak, these were his words without a doubt.  I was his person and he spent his life with me.   How could I not be with him for this last act of devotion?   There are those of us who at times are given words or thoughts when something is demanded either of us or those we love.  And there are people who will always say that we read too much into things.   These are people who do not hear the cry in crisis nor their unspoken words.  Perhaps those of us who live lives with feelings on our sleeves and our heads wide open are the ones that heaven finds easiest to get to do what needs be done.   If this is so, we say, almost to a fault,  consider it done.

When you are hurting, it is no comfort at all.    But we can do no other.



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