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Observation Expert. . .


The only thing I am an expert on is being an old lady.  I am not a vet nor a dog trainer, nor a whisperer.  What I am is an expert in observing;  people as well as sentient life,  or not sentient.  I have seen God in a Rock.  So be it.  What I have observed are animals, mostly dogs because I have been dog sitting quite a lot over the years.

And what I have observed is this.  We have created a companion animal with our dogs and cats and we have to come to terms with how we are going to treat them.  I am not into sentimentalizing animals, but here is my observation.

When television came into our homes and people stopped going to the fence to talk to their neighbors or on their balconies or porches to watch life go by or talk to it,  or even answer their doors for fear someone would disrupt their evening programs,  they brought their dogs and cats to the couch to have a warm body next to them.

And their animals became their companions.  They began talking to them and giving them treats and it wasn’t long before dogs realized people food was better than what they got on the floor.  Some would even say that when the wolf was brought to the cave entrance and fed in exchange for guarding the humans in the caves, it all started then.  It was then just a technicality to when the guard wolves came inside the entrance for warmth.

Television became the entertainment and animals with the family, became companions.  Over 50 years ago I read where Seth, the channeling guide in the  Jane Roberts’ books said in passing,  that often a soul fragment to experience  a segment of physical life will take residence in a dog or cat body.  That statement gave premise to the observations over the years and I watched avidly the evolution of companion animals.  With some dogs having a vocabulary in many cases larger than a 3 or 4 year toddler,  one must come to terms with how it is we treat these sentient beings.

Of course we would not leave children in the cold to fend for themselves.  Can we now leave our animals who have evolved in terms no longer just dogs and cats to fend for themselves?  We can and do at great cost.  We have introduced them to aspects of human life and they tell us in behavior that they prefer it.  They want our presence,  are comfortable and content with us,  and respond to quick commands that have us in awe.  With a 1500 word vocabulary in some dogs can we dismiss this being as ‘it is just a dog’ when we have as humans created this companion animal?

For the past two weeks I have had 3 dogs to care for.  A lame Rottweiler,  a  Newfoundland, both residents and a Shih Tzu,  all  treasures in themselves.  The Shih Tzu is the guest and  has me in awe with his intelligence.  If he had the throat,  he would form his answers in words to me.  He simply knows what I say and I wish I knew his desires.  To say he is just a dog is to dismiss the intelligence we have nurtured in these companions over the centuries.  Intelligence requires a dignity that we simply have to make peace with in beings that are different.

Dogs don’t play games nearly as much as people for self aggrandizement.  I say that if another life is required,  I will be in an ivory tower doing research and on the ground just  raising dogs.  I would need a grounding if there is then still an earth life and conscience would tell me to make a difference,  dogs would do it.


photo by
Joe Hallissey Jr.



I Had Earned The Right. . .


Events take on proportion that surprise even us who experienced the event.  Wondering why in looking back they were significant to us when to others they would be a non event.  But to us they often are a turning point,  a point of growth and in that who we are now or what we must become hinged on that turning point.  Guard those moments carefully and study them.  What happens outside of us is nowhere as important as what happens within.  Those times we are in conference with the Divine within,  the God within.






I Had Earned The Right. . .

I had counted the steps
from my chair in the new room
to the front door.
I forget now how many,
but once I knew them by heart. . .

Like where the floor boards creaked;
where the carpet caught my heel,
crunching my slipper.
It was all real
and impinged on my mind. . .

I could bring them up,
each detail because
I knew them intimately while I
waited for your step upon the stair
to assure me I was not alone.

It was habit that drove me until
the day it was not necessary
to count the steps,
to check the door, to listen for the step
upon the stair.

I learned one day that
we are always safe and we are not alone.
Gift given but not without footwork,
not without heart work,
not without yearning. . .

I had earned the right to sleep.


An Alternate View. . .



An Alternate View. . .

Jesus said all ye are liars, but  a family member commented on that with  you can always catch a thief but you can never catch a liar.  Liars are slippery.  But even this is psychologically damaged goods, a coping mechanism somebody made to survive.  And somebody browbeat the person to fear so greatly that changing the story was the only way to survive.  It seems we are all damaged goods in some way.


But you see that others do not stir the ashes to bring forth another fire.  We have manicured the lawns and have put out the best china for when you come . . .


An awry system of values can disrupt a marriage.


Go with the night and bless.  It waits in the shadows but the moon lights the way.


Words shouted with emotion are generally denied by the individual even though they are valid.  It is almost like they have to fit before they are worn.


From a younger view,  how would I look to someone like me?  Pause to consider your Self.


Beliefs are such that when they are dislodged,  dislodge also the person.  Further study will enlighten and broaden the premise.


Always look toward the dawn when the night retreats and morning rises triumphant.


Words can lacerate the heart in many different directions.


You have often thought if it was written,  it was meant to be understood.  Only you know now that it is the hardest thing to do.  If the frame of reference is not large enough for the topic,  then no understanding ever will come from the words even when the desire is there.  The footwork has to be done and the reference enlarged.  The boundaries of knowledge must be broadened and then the reading will have meaning.




Photo by
John Hallissey


Thoughts To Ponder. . .


Isolation is a cold place to be.  One needs to warm  up from the inside.  One can be isolated in a crowd.


All Beings are not born with the same kindnesses.


Your god speaks to you in many voices.


I do not like to think the god within has not evolved further than the human who houses him.  It gives credence to the Lucifer angel.


Memories are tied in a double knot with things one would like to forget.  Forgetting comes only when lessons are learned from the undesirable memories.


To some survival means learning as much as one can and to others it means simply breathing.


When you become accountable you pay your dues in all matters.


Life has the final word by having us love in the present what one hated in a previous time.  Life balances.


How life has been lived defines the person.


We are given the privilege to bless.  When mankind shrinks from the task, then bless.  Blessings bestowed on man brings peace, when offered to the heavens, bring miracles.


Actions Are Stone . . .


Do not be swayed by tears which well and have no basis in words of the person when actions pronounce another philosophy .  We can always well into tears but our actions   will betray us.


Do not accept apology for inadequate behavior when nothing is done to correct  it.  Apologizing  does not relinquish responsibility.


We know that beneath the exterior  of those  who have access to power runs amuck  the feeling that power is equal to love.


Power which senses out weakness uses that weakness to   fortify their positions.


Reconciliation  is a mighty word and a hard act.  It means forgiving not in the areas that are seen but in the feelings that are unmet.


You cannot break a will which heralds its own functioning and its  own existence .


What we want is the educated mind which will carry the argument complete with commitment and put priority on that which will sustain humankind.





Someone Has To Do The Plowing. . . .



And hope is the drug, the elixir, the stimulant,
the narcotic, the life saver, the god.

That tomorrow will be better,
that there will be a rainbow,
that the snows will come and cover the door,
that the rains will come and relieve the parched ground,
that the vineyards will be planted,
that love will walk in the door.

That the healing will come,
that death will be avoided,
that life will be everlasting and
the messiah is on the horizon.
That peace will be ours,
that brotherhood is a done deal,
that there will be sufficient food to feed the world
and eternally we will rest in the bosom.

These are the dreams, the hopes,
the desires, the opiates of this world.
And perhaps other worlds.
There is always that to consider.

The Master calls for workers
and the vineyards must wait.
I bless, for I have work yet to do.

Someone has to do the plowing..

photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.


In Being A Child. . . .

FullSizeRenderThe Importance of Differences. . .

If it seems that I persist in speaking of differences in perspective, it is because that is what makes us unique,  it is because of my intense desire to keep our planet alive and this classroom operative for those already here and those yet to come, who desire to make a difference.  Children are our hope that any differences can be effective in making this the best of all learning places.

In one of Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series,  the  2 percent difference the woman speaks of to the psychiatrist is a big difference when the issue is quality of thought.  And the 2 percent in the quality of thought puts both people,  the speaker and the listener in different countries and maybe in different worlds though they be side by side.  So I wish to bring up the difference again and as little as a breath separates our thoughts.  Evolution?  How long does it take?  Look about our world.  Look into the eyes of children today and you could see angels walking into your heart.  Beautiful and innocent and smart.  And if someone does not step on their heads they will be able to come to you one day and say we know who you are.  You are the safe one.  You are the haven they require if the world is to progress and they are to contribute.

In Being A Child

They would say of us
we had no sense of style,
for we dressed in faded clothes
long after they were carried
out of the store.

We put on caps knitted
by loving hands and pulled
over ears fearing frostbite.
We carried walking sticks
and gently jiggled loose piles of leaves
to shunt the mice out of roosts
buried deep.

Great fun we thought.
We tenderly picked the twigs
with berries loosely held
to decorate wax covered driftwood,
simulating snow for centerpieces.

We opened books and closed books
and talked of what was
remembered from other times.
They call it hands on this day
in the language of those privileged
in private schools.

The less fortunate might one day
have a field trip in search of natural life
in an open field.  We called it
all in a day’s work

in being a child.

Painting by
Claudia Hallissey


Mega Observations. . .


Mega Observations. . .

Oftentimes in retrospect, we would wish we demanded someone to grow up to matters requiring some degree of maturity.  But how to do that?  When a thing is outside our frame of reference, we will fight tooth and nail to remain innocent and free of taint of anything unfamiliar.  Or what might even show us to be inadequate in some way.  Many religions tell us to flee from what arouses fear even though new ideas might even broaden or enhance what we already believe.  Even as children we would strike out aggressively at anyone disturbing our zeitgeist.  One preserves one’s innocence and evolution stagnates.  Do we know when the unfamiliar will undo us?  That we will go babbling down the street and we will be caught by the fellows in the white coats?  I think so.  I think so.  Which is why we make the woo woo circles in the air with our fingers to show we know who are the crazy ones.

Memory, I hear, is the high cost of life.


To be human is an excuse only to one who knows where man’s God resides.


The heart is the organ of redemption.  It heals and with love salves the wounds of the world.  The psyche of man is healed by the heart.


A parent is a parent.  And when the child is fortunate, there are two and it is a partnership.  It does not matter who nurtures.  What does matter is that the arms know the shape of the heart in their care.  And the heart will recognize its parent.  And the one who loves him or her.


After buying a 10 yard bolt of burlap at almost 85 years of age, I cannot say I will sit and wait for death to arrive.  I will meet him halfway to the bridge.  I will take his hand and say let us walk the way together.  And we will together, be met.

(click on the plaque.  It was a gift to me  from Last Bird Sings and a favorite.)


However Long. . .


However long. . . .

Coming into every family will be what a relative calls a misfit.  And the label will stick.  This often is  a child with a need to know everything and talk.  And more often than not,  there will not be anyone to listen.  Because there will be other children, work to do, buses to catch, and fake reasons given on the spur of the moment.  I don’t have time to listen will be the mantra.  And the child grows to be adult with the need still unfulfilled.  Because in the course of life, there will be work and school, meetings and planes to catch and television.  Now of course we add hand held devices.  The need continues in those born with the desire to learn and talk but like souls dwindle in number.

The sweet hours of the night are filled with the best conversations.  No matter the fatigue of the soul, the mind conversations are filled with wonder and appreciation.    I awoke with the words,  however long the night is,  and wondered perhaps I read them someplace.  Years of research never found them anywhere.  It proved to me again,  that we are not abandoned.    It will be included in a work in process called Psalms of Love. . .    

However long. . . 

However long the night is,
is however long we’ll talk.
A tongue dismembered
from its throat
is punishment too severe to be humane.

It has taken a life of silence
to filter through its members
lessons enough
for the toughest skin to break.

I have marched with your words,
through endless tasks,
through nights not filled with magic.
And heard the harangue
from compressed lips tearing even
the plea of forgiveness from Me.

Now I promise.

In the stillness of the life you know,
I will come for you.
In the light of the night,
I will make my way and
no walls will bar my entry.

I will sit the night and
across the table a hand will clasp
the one you call your own.
And in the magic of words spoken,
I will listen to the story built
to house lives of wonder.
It has taken too long.

And we, the each, will speak and listen
and as the words flow like rivers
toward the delta,
in ribbons of courage,
we will stay the night.

And however long the night is,
is however long we’ll talk.

photo by
John Holmes


Considered Opinion. . . All Connected. . .

The Reserve


Considered Opinion, all Connected. . .

It is good to see the best in people but one cannot be accountable for everyone.  One cannot wish them onto a platform they are not
an example for.


Too many children grow up knowing the failures of their parents and think their own fabric is torn.


When living in Rome, doing as the Romans do is a task worth attending to.   In a society where civilization hinges on rules and regulations that are dismissed as nothing, means that civilization cannot survive.  It goes down the tube again.


Some of us are born disheveled.  Born of a genetic crap shoot, being not what the current thinking society expects.  And if all our parts are in the required  places,  we should consider ourselves fortunate.  The next time we may be not quite so fortunate and we will need to cope as best we can.  It is something to keep in mind.


Nature is rebuking us.  She is giving back as well as she has taken from us.  The message still stands that we cannot abuse this planet without being rebuked ourselves.  The numbers of dead in the weather disasters are horrendous.  When are we going to learn that we cannot keep propagating ourselves simply because it is something we know how to do?  When are we going to stop mortgaging the future of the children already here by spending lavishly the Earth’s resources as if the expiration date on these resources does not exist?  Our Earth can no longer support increasing numbers without coming apart.  Daily she screams her distress.   We need to solve our need to re-experience the lullaby feeling we remember.  Education is the key to understanding our wants and needs to discipline ourselves.  It leads to a matter of heart. . . not only ours but also our Earth, our home planet.


Photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.


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