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The Plough Sits In The Field


The Plough Sits In The Field

There was a time,
however brief,
when the unthinkable
was avoided at all costs
and the unworkable
was left by the side of the road.

Nowhere could we say
that the heart was not involved;
but lost on us all
were reasons.

Now we wait.
The plough sits in the field
and the mountains
of caked thought grows higher.

Little did we know
Spirit would have us soar
had we been open and allowed
life to be felt, to be woven within us.
One does not wallow
in shales of misery,
coarsely chopped and pitted.

It is never too late,
for the vineyards wait
for the laborers
and they will be rewarded.

The coin of the day
will be the heart’s desires.
And angels will spur us on

to make up for lost time.

photo by Kathy Qualiana
(from The Farm)


Peacing and piecing


DSC_2946When I ordered the bolt of burlap on the eve of my 83rd birthday,  I wrote that I did not know what possessed me to do it.   It seemed like the right thing to do.   So I started working with it and did one wall quilt and then another and another.   I am ‘at home’ working with this burlap.   It feels right and I am amazed with what ease I do it.   It is fun.  The pieces come alive beneath my hands and I am all of a peace.   I am putting this one up today as a break in my work of letters, and if you find one of them feels like the right one for you,  please contact me.  This one reads from an old favorite German fable ‘every year throughout the kingdom every tree blossomed and bore fruit on Christmas Eve.‘    If you click on it it will come full screen and details will be evident.  The size is 24 by 17 inches.   It is for sale for $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping.


A Certain Place And Time


There is always one relationship in any lifetime that becomes more than was ever hoped for.   It stands as a beacon and throughout all life it is felt and tried as the perfection of what particular relationships should be.

It is to be kept in mind, when one wishes for a relationship to develop and it does not,  no matter the effort or wishful thinking,   simply because it cannot.   At another time it already was and cannot be duplicated.  This does not mean that another relationship cannot be fruitful.   It does not mean it cannot be meaningful and rewarding.   What it does mean is that in a certain place and time you were a someone you are not now.    This new someone requires other than what was.

artwork by Claudia Hallissey


Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Cry,  if you will but not for long.
Tears dampen the pillow
and confine the cold to the head.

Gone the days when romantic tears
were touched and dried
by the corner of a linen.
Today’s  tears are great gulps
wrenched from the gut;
testifying to a technology
that bigger is better.

A lady,  you,  to swallow her tears.
But now we know that ulcers form
in the belly of unshed tears.
So rest easy.
Sleep will hollow the cloud,
giving comfort to infirm hearts
and in the pillow,

nested will be the lover.


Please Give Some Thought

The tide rises as high as the undercurrent pushes it.

When a philosophy is carved out of the heart, it upholds the body, the spirit and the mind.

Substitution can sometimes alleviate in the beginning and then incredibly become of itself the real thing.

One should not find the bed so comfortable that it is effort to get out.

The Heavens do not tread lightly on those places where a heavy foot is needed.

Where lessons need to be learned, it is not by coincidence that events multiply to drive
home the lessons without ceasing.

The collective I Am is the singular God.

It is of no use to still a mind which pushes and prods to perfection a soul having no other way to go but to ascend.

Perhaps we should not in this world of premature languages speak in other than the attitude of obeisance.

What you see is not what you get.   What you get is what you see.


I Come Bearing Gifts


I Come Bearing Gifts

I come bearing gifts,
an open heart,
an open mind
and open arms.

Love is the currency
used to procure these.
Yours given unsparingly
and mine given
in gratitude for

 the constancy of a similar heart.



art by Claudia Hallissey


The Heavens Watch


The Heavens Watch

The heavens watch
and poignantly feel
what plagues me.
They say my presence here
in this space I inhabit
is a necessary one.

They would tell me more
but I would laugh, not with mirth
but sarcasm they think,
and would make
the blood of the earth curdle.

I have touched
a portion of my immortality
but cannot,  do not,
stand yet with my own.

Mother,  He said,
this is your son.
And still  I am bound
too tightly to all relationships.

They will be released to an Other
and I will find my freedom
which will not ever again
be bolted by strong irons
through the ethers into another Time.

They may be without wings,
but they grow,  they grow.

The day has been a long time in ending.

photo by John Hallissey
poem from a work in progress:  My God and Me


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