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With Immense Gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving. . . .


As I prepare to pack and ready myself for the journey to the opposite coast,  there will be a lull on this blog for awhile.  The children I live with wish to prepare quarters for me to avoid disruption again and I appreciate their concern.  My other son will be accompanying me and overseeing  and since I lack the necessary talent for earth traveling,  his presence in this I welcome.  I can swim universal seas,  but simple itineraries and getting from one place to another I get lost.  I solved the problem during my driving days (believe it) by only making right turns.  The one time I did a left turn a local gendarme yodeled me to a stop with a ticket.  He was one of my sons’ school buddies now turned police patrol and said,  Mrs. Hallissey,  you have lived here for over 25 years,  you know you cannot make a left turn after 3 o’clock!  If I did,  I did not know it then.  Yes I paid the fine.  So you see,  all my children know me well.  They are the jewels in my crown.   And yes, when the time came,  I happily overhauled the vehicle to make it new and gave it to a grandson as a graduation present.  And have never missed driving.  The Teachers at the time gave a big sigh of  relief I suppose too.

So until we are ensconced in our new home,  and my computer set up,  I will ask that you keep me in mind.  I will be able to get messages and will appreciate them.  Until then I lift my head to my Source and ask that ‘The Light shine between Me and Thee while we are absent, one from the Other.  I give my blessing upon All visible and invisible and ask for your blessing also.  In All Names Good,  I pray and ask.  Amen and amen.’  With immense gratitude,  this Thanksgiving,  I give again, . . . .

How Much Of a Difference. . .

It was morning
though the night still hung heavy,
the clouds hovered,
the sun unable to rise.

The children gathered for breakfast,
morose, unhappy and angry,
heavy still with sleep.
Mother looked with unhappy eyes
and father, already delayed
flew out the door.

What could she plan
for this crew this night
as she scrutinized each face
when they exited.

That night the same faces
appeared to sup together,
hostile, unable to summon
the good things of the day.
Seated, they glowered
and the mother, with hope
passed the platter.

Have some love, she murmured,
as she handed the platter to the eldest.
Puzzled, he helped himself
and in unbelief said to his sibling,
have some love.

And around the table the faces changed
as the platter of love was passed and
with a whisper bestowed
its blessing by each one.
The father then picked up a plate to share
and to his surprise murmured, I bring peace.

And around the table peace was passed
to accompany the main course of love
and talks resumed and the world
was given another chance.

On a level we cannot enter,
we cannot know how much of a difference
it takes to make a difference.

Or how little.


The All is Essence. . .


Prayer To The Essence of The Great God

To the essence of the great and holy god,
we offer ourselves in our bounty and
in our sorrows.  We ask that we be
allowed to enter with all that we are
and all we hope we can be.

Let us lift our heads
to the glories of the day and
allow us always to see
the brightness that surrounds us.
Ask us  in our gratitude
that we look to serve those
less fortunate while always seeing
to those to whom we are committed.

Let us be wise in our choices
and sensitive in our feelings.
We ask in times of need and
in times of great gratitude
that we neglect no one in our care.

In all names we ask and
in all names we wholly, holy, blend.
Take us as we are,

for we are on our knees.  Amen and amen.

photo by
John Holmes


Morning Prayer


Morning Prayer

Pray the dawn into morning.
Let the cool winds blow
across the hot, dry lands and
let the rains pour as if
through the eyes of angels
who stand guard.

We will make this land green again
and feed the minds of children
too long idle and as farmers
feed the bellies of them too long empty.

Pray with me,
for those of long words and
too long thoughts,
who list the trials it seems and
forget they hold the means
to set the world on course.

Let us power them with our prayers
and free them to action;
let us raise our heads in gratitude
always to the One

under whose wings we soar.

Photo by
John Holmes


A Cosmic Prayer For Mankind


You and Your God Within

Whether the still  small voice you hear is called Comforter or God or Teacher or by any other name you consider holy,  the promise is good.  What will be brought to mind is what you once knew and now remember or what you need to learn.  And one day, some time,  you will open your hand and  you will find a key.  And that key will open worlds for you and bring to you the peace that is beyond understanding.  You will find the dichotomy,  the hurting split that had you in pieces will be healed.  You and your god within will be in dialogue when you are in doubt and of one mind in peace.  And when you speak, you will be speaking for the god within.  You will say in truth, my god and I, we are one.  It is not a walk in the park, but a journey to the heart of you.

A Cosmic Prayer For  Mankind

We would wish for much.
We would wish for the sublime love
that was preached
from every mountaintop.

We would wish
for a mother’s love to be there
for the infant and the father’s hand
to caress the brow of every child.

We would wish for peace
within the human psyche
and learning to be brought
to the dinner table and
the breakfast table every time.
And love to be served
as the main course.

It is much that we wish for;
much that we yearn for.
But peace is designed
for the human in mind
from birth to the grave.

Bring peace.

Photo by
John Holmes



Attitude With Gratitude



Even as a child I was happy to see the long, hot summer gone.  With the Labor Day holiday over, for me the new year begins.  The start of school again was exciting  and I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for the smell of new tablets, new crayons and pencils.  This excitement with learning has been part of who I am.  And even now heading toward the culmination of a full life, the desire to learn something new every day still propels me.  I now approach the autumn days and the long evenings of winter with an attitude of gratitude.  As long as we are able,  if we see work to be done,  we do it.  It is with that attitude, I submit. . . .


With Gratitude

Let me take this day
and fill it
to the brim
with gratitude.

Let all my actions
praise the efforts
to be noble,
to be kind,

to be good;
let it all be seen
in the lives I meet.
Let me be the purpose

for this day,
to be recreated
for the work to be done
for those

who still live in the shadows.

Painting by Claudia Hallissey


With a Singular Voice, We Pray





With a Singular Voice, We Pray,

Grant me peace,  O’ Lord God,
to this house I live in and carry
with me to the end of my days.
Let me see the beauty
in everything and everyone.
Help me to understand
what is mine and what is not.
And understand that what I consider
to be highest and best
in my heart and mind is truly so,
without meanness or bitterness.
Let my fellows know of my intent
to be kind and to give them
understanding of the highest order.
Help me to frame that what
has been a Given from a generous heart,
I give back the same.

And let this Earth know without doubt
that when word is given, we march
to what it is our hearts require.
Help us to keep our hearts ready.

Lead me gently, Spirit,
to what is mine and allow
all things that are good,
all things that are God.

Amen and amen.


Earth’s Prayer and Benediction



We Are Earth’s Prayer And Benediction

Over the years I have asked us all to fall in love with our Earth.   Obviously it must have been easy for me because I am still in love with her even though I am ending my earth cycle.  I described it as a oneness,  a union nothing dissolves nor cracks.   It is the steadiness,  the compliance of all things in Nature that yield to a bidding when it is done with love.

I first wrote I loved working in the yard and having life take on its noble form.   I loved the coming alive,  the rebirthing and the response of the Earth beneath my hands.   It was my love and my pleasure.   The rich, black, early nostalgic smell takes me back to a someplace where I fell in love with it and the first love is always a first love.

It is a place where the heart knows its completeness in and with the laws of Nature.  We are one and the same.   We become its answer and its prayer,  its meditation and its question,  its benediction.  I become what the seeker chooses to establish when all else fails to come to fruition.   When there is nothing that satisfies the hunger within,  there is always hope and response in the garden.

It is a communion with its holiness and puts all else to shame because it never measures up.   Relationships may wither and disillusion, but Nature does not.   It gives from an unending source, reaching into its carpetbag and bringing forth bits of revelation and reconciliations to give one another reason for trying.   She lets us know we are stewards and as stewards we have a responsibility,

The Earth will cherish the soul who cherishes the Earth and Nature will revere the one who reveres Nature.   When knowledge is ours,  when we know who it is we are as we walk this planet,  doubt will no longer allow ignorance to rule.   It is time for us to protect and attend to this most beautiful of all places.   Conscience will deem a return to rectify errors.   And there may very well be ash on our boots the next time and memory may well crucify us.

Prayer For Earth and Us

In all things good,
we ask that a light so shine
that the good works that are ours,
glorify and exemplify
all that is true and divine
both within us and within this Earth.

We ask divine guidance be placed
upon our heads and within our hearts,
that we may bring to light
all that we have been taught;
that we protect our land, our Earth Mother
and teach the children that we care for
what gives life to all on this planet.

We ask in all names
that signify blessedness of life
and the glory which is both divine and human.

We ask, please receive.   Amen

Art by Claudia Hallissey


An Invocation

IMG_20150331_142807_196-1In Love We Pray

As we enjoin the Universal Spirit to entrust us with another spring, another resurrection,  awaken within us the desire to nurture the world that has nurtured us.   Let our hearts lead us to that place where we intuitively cherish the Earth Mother who feeds and clothes us and gives us sustenance.   Let us not forsake our responsibilities to those yet unborn, but whose futures we have already mortgaged.

Blessed Spirit,  enliven  our curiosity about our daily world,  remind us that the bird’s song needs our acknowledgement and praise,  that the sun needs our greeting and the night wishes it bid good.

As we nourish those of our commitment,  speak to us of our commitment to the home we know,  our planet Earth.   Let our love guide us to make beautiful,  to make secure and to guard diligently what has so faithfully harbored us.  In love we pray,  amen and amen.


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