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Really Different Worlds

Toward A DestinyReally Different Worlds

It is least understood but perspective is the most  important thing in the human and animal spectrum.  It means that if we are to have space for all we must give thought to how differently humans and animals perceive life.   Much has  been written about animal behavior but to say our perceptions are similar when they might be mutually exclusive, is more true.  We each have our own perceptions and view life differently.   People might see a chair to sit on but to a shy pet it is an obstacle.  We must simply assume that an other does not perceive life as we do.   Before an argument starts over words spoken,  understanding the words is mandatory.   Words are loaded with meaning.  Cultures approach the meaning of words differently.   We all have different frames of reference within which we operate.   Humans use linear measurement.  We stop at red lights and we go on green.  Laws govern us.

Animal senses are peculiarly their own and coupled with language challenge us to understand them.   When watching migratory birds in flight we assume their flight habits are measured like ours.   That the world they function in is like ours.  We see them in our world but what do they see?   Insert the thought that perhaps their measurements differ.  Perhaps their miles are not in feet or kilometers when they breed in the Arctic and fly to the southern hemisphere.   When our pets become pseudo children, are we surprised that they wish to be fed at the table?   They wish to sleep in our beds?   If we wish for them to continue in our lives,   we must remember what species they are;  unless we prepare for another species to enter physical  life.

Before we enter the private space of an other, either with warrior words or fists, we must first understand what we wish from one another.   That we are on the same page in what we mean to say.  Because we are not unless we make ourselves clear.  Perspective is personal.  Our perspective is wholly ours.  Different we are even in the same family.  I try to introduce you to my perspective.    Grant me the same courtesy.   We must honor and listen with hearts opened to the Other.  It is the only way to achieve a peaceful existence.   Otherwise we will measure the days of our lives in terms of wars fought and children who are forever scarred.

photo by John Hallissey


Contemplation (the soul’s Mt. Everest)


Contemplation (the soul’s Mt.  Everest)

After taking the garbage
to the curb in early dawn,
I stopped  to look about
and thought,  I know
more about what goes on
than I would dare reveal.
But furthermore,  who would say
I was right?
Who would not deny whatever
I would say?
Who of us has courage enough
to own the truth of our behavior?

The sky is heavy, pregnant heavy
with something wishing to be borne and born.
And there is so much human life about,
doing those things no longer appropriate

for a world in pain.

photo by Joshua Hallissey


Coin Of The Day

DSC_2915Coin Of The Day

Learn while you can.   There is always something to learn and do.   Those are the things you will take with you when you transit.   And transit you will.   Either early by accident or illness or later for whatever reasons.  If a daffodil and mushroom die to live again,  are you not as important or as able?   You must learn in this best of all places.   There will come a time when the ideas will not manifest as quickly and it will be difficult.  What you learn to do or learn to be or learn for knowledge’s sake. .  these are things that moth and rust do not destroy.   Whatever you  learn that makes living or life less difficult or more feasible are what will be the tools for a world less gifted.   What it is that is your talent, your knowledge,  is what will be the coin of the day.

Art by Claudia Hallissey


To Unearth (is to Divine)


I would not have had to shout
my questions,
if I had only known
how simple it would have been
to simply awaken.

It was not a matter of despair
but a matter to unearth.
I only had to ask
and my track record would have shown

if I qualified for an answer.

photo by Josh Hallissey


Time To Bend At The Knees

image-1 (2)

It is time now to take cognizance of what we have done to our Earth planet.  She is still here to give us breath, polluted though it may be in some areas.  She challenges us with sparse watering.   She allows us to live as best as our livelihood does.  She continues to love us with passion.  But what we have done to her is abominable.  We take advantage of our good resources and give nothing back most of the time.  A few steps to the recycle bin oftentimes seems too far to walk.  But she keeps on teaching in spite, despite our obliqueness.

Yet we are asked once a year to honor her.  And hopefully this once a year will be enough to embarrass us, make us feel guilty, so guilty that we will change our ways and give honor to her who has been our grounding, our bed of rest and the best classroom in the universe.  How else to honor this lady,  this teacher,  this mother?  We must find new ways if we are to continue in this classroom where to have an idea is to make it manifest as fast as we can collect the materials.   There is no other place so conducive to easy learning as this classroom.   No other place that accommodates us to the degree that our Earth Mother does.   We will chance it every time we decide that next time we will do better.  The next time the neighborhood may not be quite as nice.

We are in a crucial junction.   We are where we are because we have neglected our stewardship when we contracted to care for this place we inherited.  What to do?  How much do we treasure the early morning with the dawn rising clearly and with punctuality?  How much do we treasure our love of evenings when the sky darkens and the moon sources our light?  As we reach for our Other and hope that what we wish for ourselves is also wished for Others.   How much would  we treasure rainfalls on cracked ground;  foodstuffs now rising in price so that milk for our youngsters is too steep for good health?  We treasure our way of life.   We treasure what is ours and we hope that our progeny will be able to be inspired by the same sun and moon and waters of this green planet.

We must begin.   Our environmentalists have told us time and again what we must do.   Somehow we cannot wrap ourselves around the idea  that this Earth cannot sustain life as we know it.   We already see Nature’s harsh lessons.   If we are ugly when the weather does not suit us,  let us be aware that Nature too reviles our habits when we do not honor her.   It is long past the time to change.  The bill is overdue and time now to bend at the knees to this Great Mother.

photo by John Holmes


Many Worlds

photo (5)

When first I started my journey there was  a need to know.   It was my focus.   Everyone has their own need.   The way for the each is to focus on one’s need.   The criteria for that need requires insight.  We must focus inwardly.  It is not easy.

Many Worlds

I wander about in many worlds
trying all on for size.
Walking timorously, fearful always
of a misstep.

Generously coping
with a plethora of ideas,
alien in context,
coming from sources I can only wonder.

Now a word,
a complete thought
fitting incongruously
into my world of now.

I surrender to a multi-faceted existence.

photo by Joe Hallissey Sr.


Someone Who Waits For Us

There is a common problem among us and it bears thinking about in the hope that there will be an answer or a lesson learned that may point to a possible resolution.   It is the need to know that there is a someone who waits for us.   Or a someone who cares whether we come home or not.   Or a someone who cares where we are at this very moment.

For children,  this is crucial.   How crucial we only have to see what is happening in the world or watch what is happening on our street.  For the child in all of us,  who has not been allowed grow up or whom we hold onto for fear of growing up alone,  it is just as crucial or even fearful.  We have become a society that we say cherishes its independence,  doesn’t want others or anyone to account to or truly exhibits a facade to show the wold at large we are really quite all right with the way things are.   But let me put this into this equation.

If this is truly the situation, if we are truly this independent society that doesn’t care whether anyone takes note of our goings and comings,  tell me then why the heart responds with ‘I really  needed to hear you say that’ when I tell my beloveds  that their being in my life makes my life worthwhile?  But you see everyone needs to hear that.  Everyone needs to know that someone thinks their life is worthwhile,   no matter how small the difference  one makes,  what does matter is that someone notices this difference which may take all the effort this soul can summon.  Everyone needs to know someone cares.   Not the someone only in family whom you think has to love you,  but someone who notices you as a person who is trying their uttermost to make a difference.

Everyone at times, if not all times for some, feels isolated.   There is this separation that is more common in this day than I care to think.  It is because life is awry.   There are few meals together and no one on the premises.   No one at home.   And we need someone at home when we are children and it is nice when we are adults.  It is a wholesome goodness to know someone is waiting for us to come home.  That someone cares enough for us to want us to come home.  I realize how difficult it is to raise children even on two incomes.   Perhaps we need to make room for extended families again.  Perhaps we need to rethink our directions and what is important to the whole family.    Do we need to rethink our priorities  and look to see accommodating various elderly members within the family again.  There is a problem not only in our cities but in suburbs and rural areas as well.   There are ways to help with this dilemma.

We can work it out.  We must.  The emotional growth of our very young and our peoples as a whole need to know we are not alone and there is someone,   even one someone who looks forward and waits for us to come home.  We may find that there would be a spiritual healing throughout our lives should we invest ourselves in this very common problem.   We may yet come alive with emotional good health and spirit.


We Come With Love

IMG_20140408_153830_460Can we go to the lady who likes blue cloths, the young one asked.   And I was taken by surprise as to why he wanted to go.   I asked him why and he looked at me and said because she know-ed things and I want to ask her some questions about stuffs.   And I asked him what kind of questions.

And he looked at me and said, you know, you know.   But I don’t I said and waited.   It is always good to wait.   But there was nothing coming so I asked again why?   And he said that she knows things and she like the blue cloths and those are special.   Why are they special, I asked.   And he said becauuuuusseeee. . . they just are!  Can we go?

And I said get your things.   He was quiet while we were getting there but when we came to the shop he sat still for a minute.   You not mind if we just talk about private things, he asked.   I said,  it was all right with me.   May I listen?   I want you to he said.

We were greeted warmly by the lady of blue cloths and the younger wrapped his arms around her waist.   Good to see you again, she said.   I saw-ed you last night, he said, and you said it was always good to ‘member where you come from.  I think hard all night and I ‘member , he said.  I ‘member.   And I ‘membered you because you teach-ed me about not being ‘fraid of stuffs.  And I know-ed what you said and I know-ed where you were with the blue cloths.  You ‘member where you come from?

Yes,  she said,  I do.   It is a place of great feeling, love that is bigger than anything we know.  It is like a big ocean of love spilling over us and there is nothing to be afraid of.  We can touch this love with our hands and hold it in our arms.   And it will hug us back.   What do you remember?

That is what I ‘member,  he said.   And that is why I not ‘fraid.   I ‘membered and then forgot and I know-ed you would know.   Can I come back and ask again what I forget?  Always, she said,  always come back.

He reached for my hand and I nodded to her.   I not ‘fraid now I ‘member.   We come wit’ love and go to love, too.   Yessssss,  I said and squeezed his hand.

click on the blue cloth to magnify


One Pilgrim’s Journey


One Pilgrim’s Journey

In my early years on this pilgrim’s journey,   I would awaken and think through the night’s lessons and get my marching orders for the day.   They were equally important.  One morning though the conclusion was that it truly was a world without end.  But world without end has a magnitude about it that I am now understanding.   I have long said that we go to where we belong;  earned the right to be where the patterns of our days prepared us.  It truly is a universe of no retire.   If gravity and its inhabitants have worn us to a frazzle,  there will be rest,  but there is the new address awaiting.

These worlds do exist.  In this particular world only five senses are used to inhabit it.   But there are other aspects of Being which are not yet ours.   Some people have extra senses that piggy backed on the ones most of us inherit.  There are no skipped grades in any world.  What is ours to do may be different than what the next person has to do,  but there is graduation for all of us.  No need to worry about early exits either.   What is not learned once will be given other chances.  It behooves all of us to learn what we must wherever we are.   The next time may not be as agreeable nor as conducive to easy learning as this Earth is.  And we are held accountable.

Some of us are obsessed with questions others do not give thought to.   They come with faith in their carpetbag.   Faith of necessity is blind otherwise it would not be faith.   Questions would only complicate an already complicated life for some souls.  Whatever framework we have chosen for this world grants us what is necessary to work life through.  But within each rises the question which will turn the individual to the opening of the treasure chest within.   He/She has the key to open it.  And it is the word ‘why?’   That word,’why?’ either starts or closes the journey.

We have our camouflage systems worked out beautifully.   We construct our walls in the mind and do not allow anything disturbing to enter.  Occasionally a crack will appear and we will scurry for the emotional plaster or caulking to seal it.  The one who can no longer pretend the pieces fit the puzzle will begin the process of discovery and his/her journey begins.   They will hear ‘you have to be crazy to do this to yourself’  but they are crazy like a fox.

The roar you hear will be the heaven’s rejoicing that they have ‘a live one’  down there!   Let it be you.


Worth Thinking About

DSC_2922Worth Thinking About

Knowing what to say is a social skill.   Meaning what you say takes the form of action in the heart.

Sometimes our heads understand what our hearts cannot.

Do what the heart requires and not what vanity insists.

The heart is the organ of redemption.

With love,  the heart salves the wounds of the world.

The psyche of man is healed by the heart.

Who can say that to be a butterfly is unfair?  Who would not rather be a butterfly than a caterpillar?

Death continues to be creative and teeming with energy.  We view the absence and cannot see the transformation.

We are as alive or dead as we ever will be.

There are times when friends reach out to touch the fear in us and lay grace to it.

artwork by Claudia Hallissey


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