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To Regain Our Knowledge (that we are safe)


One of my reader’s comment on a poem of mine was that it gave her a safe feeling. And after much thought, I came to some conclusions. The first being to educate ourselves to broaden our premises so that the unknown will become a known. The narrower our premises the more outside our frame of reference will raise concerns. The more we learn, the more at home we become with things outside our focus.

Not all babies of course, fall into arms ready for them. We are born with a cry and clenched fists and need those arms to quiet a fierce pain of separation. Life presents many obstacles not to mention a peer group only too happy to help the child lose the feeling that the world is a safe place.  Parents  need to nurture the feeling of safety.   It is only then we begin to lose our fear.

It seems a lifetime is spent talking to ourselves about fear. If we reacquaint ourselves with the knowledge that we are always safe, the who that we are, no matter the condition of our environment, we lose our fear of the world and can begin to work good for ourselves and our Earth. Too much time is spent trying to lose our fears from the first step outside the playpen to our final fear of death. From beginning to the end, we are one mass of fears.   The media and architectures of business, the things that run our lives designed to sell us what we don’t need are all designed to feed our fears. Fear is between the ears for this is where it originates.

Regaining the knowledge that we are always safe, will help us lose our fears.  We then will know that life is everlasting, through this world and those still to come.

We Break Bread

I have broken bread
with old friends for what seems
to be many centuries.

We continue
our conversations begun
when yet we were in
other times and were other people.

But it has been, you see,
only a minute.
We bring to mind all things old
and some things new.

‘Twas but a quirk of Nature,
so that our hearts would grow
and become one heart.
It all has a familiar fit.
Don’t you think?

All things will be new again
when we break bread
in the next of times.
But you knew that, didn’t you?

All things new are really all things old.
Even some of us.


photo by
John Holmes




A Cosmic Prayer For Mankind


You and Your God Within

Whether the still  small voice you hear is called Comforter or God or Teacher or by any other name you consider holy,  the promise is good.  What will be brought to mind is what you once knew and now remember or what you need to learn.  And one day, some time,  you will open your hand and  you will find a key.  And that key will open worlds for you and bring to you the peace that is beyond understanding.  You will find the dichotomy,  the hurting split that had you in pieces will be healed.  You and your god within will be in dialogue when you are in doubt and of one mind in peace.  And when you speak, you will be speaking for the god within.  You will say in truth, my god and I, we are one.  It is not a walk in the park, but a journey to the heart of you.

A Cosmic Prayer For  Mankind

We would wish for much.
We would wish for the sublime love
that was preached
from every mountaintop.

We would wish
for a mother’s love to be there
for the infant and the father’s hand
to caress the brow of every child.

We would wish for peace
within the human psyche
and learning to be brought
to the dinner table and
the breakfast table every time.
And love to be served
as the main course.

It is much that we wish for;
much that we yearn for.
But peace is designed
for the human in mind
from birth to the grave.

Bring peace.

Photo by
John Holmes



Surfing The Ethers

Toward A Destiny

Surfing The Ethers

That the rain falls on the just and the unjust and that even the dogs are fed from the master’s table only proves that the Universes are good and all life is sacred .

Eternal is the hour which grants the heart time.  Sacred is
the vessel which yields the cup.

We blend to make this world an exercise of faith in Man.

If everyone was knowledgeable, it would be laughingly impossible to get on with the play.

The Teachers say that tears are the water we use to rinse our brains.

The student says that tears are what we use to rinse out our memories.

Unreconciled memories stand at the ready to catch a place where they would rouse the emotions and plague again.

There is no talent which will be left unused and no path of interest unexplored.

There is sufficient time for all of the talents and then some in a world of no time and in a universe which is becoming.

There is no time, all time and yet no time to waste.

When the mind is full of knowledge, when truth wears the most even frame to a frazzle, when it all becomes too much to bear,  the heavens give us what is ours and says, bear it.

We are a reference point for other worlds.

Photo by
John Hallissey


Different Can Be Good

Different Can Be Good

It was a hurried morning when our two oldest sons were home from college and I told them that I had had a vivid dream and wrote down some things while half asleep that I did not know about and thought that they might.  I showed them the notes.

I knew nothing about Michelangelo other than he was a great painter of the Sistine Chapel  but I had written down some dates and what I now would call maxims.   They were that the past is still happening,  the future has already happened and we in the present are racing to catch up with it.  The dates for Michelangelo we checked out with the Encyclopedia Britannica and they were accurate.  The maxims I find now  would be found in quantum physics.   It has only been this year when reading the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot  I realized I have lived my entire life with the realities of a quantum universe.  In this regard, these maxims were crux for me  of ‘all time is simultaneous.’  If you find it difficult to grasp,  think how hard for the child to live it.

The child who comes into the world with differences,  sees other worlds and hears other music.  This may also be the child who frets about going to school because another stomach ache is troublesome.  And they are ashamed.   There may be no tests to be taken,  but this child is laboring under conditions that would be labeled abusive if the facts were known.  Because she or he sees differently and hears a world most do not,  the conditions under which they must function are difficult at best.  They respond to incidents in a life and death manner.  Those who have toughed it out call this ‘drama’ but it is for real for those who have not been able to close off their heads.  These are the sensitive souls who end up with panic as a companion and parents who call them unforgivable names. These children are doing their utmost to focus on what is the primary world to them.  And trying to hold at bay the intrusions of other dimensions.  This is not easy to read and is difficult for me to write.  But the children are my primary worry.  We have seen too many incidents of violence.  It is not easy for these children.  They are at risk every minute.

Should there be such a child in your circle,  give to them the support that they deserve and need. And allow them to talk.  They may frighten you and threaten your insecure security but they will broaden your frame of reference.   It is a hard world for the normal child as it is.  And the ones who come into this world with heads more open than the average child, need a stable support system.    They will be the ones who will yet save our planet.  And us.

A Calmness Pervades

A calmness pervades
the thinking mind,
unable yet to stay the pen.

We write of lifelong trials
stealing the innocent
of rightful claims.

The open head knew not how
not to allow the ring
to burn its signet
deeply onto the heart.

The belly knew not how
not to become
the emotional pit stop
for all the world’s ills.

All in all, the calmness
hails the thinking mind
and gives credence
that heaven notes its own

and knows when to call them home.


On Being Different


A recent journal entry on being different.

The Teacher Speaks. . . .

Take it this way.  To be different means you step out  from the crowd.  When you, as an example,  are different in your posing the question as well as answering with what it is you know and cannot see the difference, it is because the integrated material has long been in the chest.  You do not see yourself as different because these thoughts and conclusions have long been yours.  You see how they fit within the scope of others, primary as basic premises which have not gone any further.  It does not bother much except for kin whom you would like to accompany you and be companions on your journey.  But they like others, have to make the step up.

We give these thoughts for the blog.  Should you step away from those who march, you will be castigated.  But nothing can hurt the core of thought which has been your bulwark and has allowed you to age chronologically.  The fact that ongoing thought matures one readily and faster than the crowds who march, is not a factor to stop one’s growth.  A case in matter will be the fact that evolution means that the growth exhibited will be the potential for all.  If one can do the unthinkable and it is good, then the potential for the rest of mankind rises exponentially.   It is a good thing when thought outmaneuvers its opposition.  Because then we know that one can continue living and growing and mankind will then prosper with new thought.

It seems far fetched to the average person.  But it is not.  To do one thing outside the perimeter of what is common means a step up in man’s evolution.  It is a hard thing to be human, is it not?  It was once easier but too many factions now prevent man from trying out his courage which he would find is dependable.  We root for the different one.  We know how hard it is to step out from the ordinary and still live within the confines of Earth.  When the Master Jesus said that one can be in Earth but not of it means exactly that.  One can live here and be in it but need not necessarily accept all the dictum of mankind.  Those that are physically necessary we keep but the headwork is of personal desire.  We would like to give courage to those who aspire to do for others what in private one does for oneself.

And They Believed

It has been said with anger
that I set the bar too  high
for mere mortals to scale.

It was not for them
the bar was set but for me,
to rise as high as the immanent god

had deemed for me.
I could not know that
they would try to jump for me.

I was not the reason.
It was for them, you see,
for someone told them

they would never do it
and they believed.
I showed them though they could

and they surprised themselves.

photo by John Holmes



Many Truths

DSC_1148Many Truths

I once heard an elder  say that people only know what it is you let them know.  I gasped,  because I thought she actually believes this.  She still believes that her thoughts are private and that secrets are truly secrets.  She does not know that privacy of thought is the last illusion.  That there are those who are bulleted with thoughts as they walk in gatherings.  Not realizing that they are picking up flagrant thoughts sent as flying debris and landing in the heads of unsuspecting walkers.

And lucky for us all that these are innocents.  Never knowing that their fatigue in crowds comes from picking up so much litter.  The reason for recluses going into the woods is this very fact of fatigue.  Throughout history we have had our neighbors vacating our neighborhoods for the silence of the forests.  Where the natural life is conducted in mind pictures shared by kin of their own kind.

My answer to this elder was to write Many Truths.   You will now understand my thinking.

Many Truths

I tell you true,
if my eye caught it,
a picture has already
been taken of it.

If I know something,
I can tell you true,
the neighbor down the street
or the unknown one around the corner,
knows of it also.

If my ear has caught your cry,
or the deception in your words,
the heavens have heard the cry
and the deception, however layered,
in time is betrayed by you.

If my song is sung,
the heavens and my god
have heard the melody
and whipped the wind
and carried the joy or sorrow
to its Source.

It has always been so
and this I tell you true.
The difference?

I, now,  know it.


A Need


A Need

I possess a knowledge,
supplanting the previous knowledge
by just one day.

The reason is this; I slept.
And in the dream saw worlds,
whole and hurt, clean and chaotic,
built and leveled.

And I saw fields
with high grasses and skies
not yielding to horizons
and I walked

I walked so far and then
walked some more.
There was a companion and
we talked, of worlds to be born,
of worlds to be healed,
of lessons still to be learned.

And then I walked alone.

But when I needed
to walk my fields,
for they were mine and
because I am landlord,
I went to them and found peace.

It is said that the fields
are not real,  that they are
in my head.
I am also told that many
do not understand my need
to walk the fields.

But many do not understand
why when I awaken

my legs ache.

photo by Kathy Qualiana




Attitude With Gratitude



Even as a child I was happy to see the long, hot summer gone.  With the Labor Day holiday over, for me the new year begins.  The start of school again was exciting  and I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for the smell of new tablets, new crayons and pencils.  This excitement with learning has been part of who I am.  And even now heading toward the culmination of a full life, the desire to learn something new every day still propels me.  I now approach the autumn days and the long evenings of winter with an attitude of gratitude.  As long as we are able,  if we see work to be done,  we do it.  It is with that attitude, I submit. . . .


With Gratitude

Let me take this day
and fill it
to the brim
with gratitude.

Let all my actions
praise the efforts
to be noble,
to be kind,

to be good;
let it all be seen
in the lives I meet.
Let me be the purpose

for this day,
to be recreated
for the work to be done
for those

who still live in the shadows.

Painting by Claudia Hallissey


The Mind’s Sampler


(Do you ever wonder about. . . .

The Martha(s) will serve and clear tables and see to the children.  Mary will also do what Mary(s) do. . . .puff up the pillows and sit at the Master’s feet.  It is a tenuous thread that speaks of a psychologically explainable condition.  Yet it does raise the hackles.  It should as long as it is human skin one wears.  And when one does not. . . the rest will be observable.


It may all be illusion. . . but in this particular reality, illusion has a substance one must work with.


Getting lost in great crowds of people, great numbers, gives one a sense of immortality.  The great numbers are proof that the world continues to spin and as long as we are on the carousel and keep putting in our nickels, we too go around.  But comes a time out of sheer exhaustion even the make believe ponies stop going around.  And the time for sifting and sorting from too long on the merry go round has to be done.


The true state of genius is having the courage to say I don’t understand and ask for an explanation.  Understanding the basic premise makes it easier to build the pyramid as you make your way up.  The broader the base,  the easier it is to build on it.


We are all safe.  All safe.   The journey is not a trial run.  It is for real but like a class on the way to graduation, it must be passed eventually.


Kiss the moon into Being.  It serves to fuel the hot rocks of the day.

Photo by John Holmes


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