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Say That Again?

Uneventful is a merciful condition and that in itself is a large blessing.

Why do children require no lessons on being naughty but many on how to be good?

What is the meaning of ice cream and why does it warm the heart?

Why are the hardest lessons learned tied directly to the heart?

Some things at length are no more a matter of forgiveness but of humanity.

Life was meant to be lived and learned from and only of recent times was added the pursuit of happiness.

As long as the eye beholds and another heart receives, there will be reason to keep breathing and not give up.

The unfed Spirit is just as hungry as the unfed body.

To insert the cosmic into the mundane is what we must do even if it means one must make vacuuming a spiritual exercise.



To Ponder Anew

Toward A DestinyMan clings to many things in this world that no longer have a place.   It is his security blanket full of philosophical holes.

It does no good to see all sides of an issue when the heart is concerned with only one side.

Man holds out with what is his divine self, trying against all odds to gain what he gave up when he allowed others to become his soul keeper.

The Ego which needs continual stroking becomes unwieldy and obscures divine passage.

To dismantle an Others’ world demands that we stay around long enough to build another one.

One can care so much that the Other does not have to care at all.

What sells is that which peddles man’s lowest denominator.

The habit of breathing is the hardest one to break.

Man’s struggle is well worth noting.  It could have been faster but for some it has been faster than hell on wheels.

That mankind could grow into a benign, caring nature is the dream.

Marthas do not compromise.   Instead they are stroke victims.

Marys would not know to be pressed if they were between waxed sheets under a hot iron.

To be in the company of others means that one does not have to accompany oneself.

A good friend will give of his abundance and hug nothing back.


photo by John Hallissey  (click on photo for larger view)


Some Thoughts

Toward A DestinyOne would think that for human progress to have been more rapid,  a sledge hammer rather than a quill would have been used.

Unless emotional garbage is released,  it will continue to be contagious.

The mind set to turn a particular way is already bent.

The split in man is so dichotomous that his life is one mass of contradictions.

When advancing age stiffens the limbs and makes the mind less elastic, we will find the inner ear listening to what the heart stirs about.

To say it is mine to do and do it is to take the bull by the horns.  And to say I will take responsibility for it is to tame the bull.

Where will the young generation turn if not to those who pride themselves that their advancing years have brought a degree of wisdom?

Who is going to teach when all about are denying that they are getting older, never mind wiser?

When one’s strength is honed and sharpened, it becomes a dependable strength.

The persuasive voice is well trained to manipulate.  Today we call it selling.

One should not find his bed so comfortable that it is an effort to get out.

We are given license to steal from ourselves the only thing we have.    Time.


Some Sayings


The heart will determine what the head sees.   And put into the eyes the meaning of it all.

Times are now the adults need more rearing than the children require.

It appears Heaven is an earned order and until one approaches the place where admission is qualified, one cannot enter.

To gain understanding a lot of footwork seems to be required.

A creative spirit is fun to watch.   It is one on whom the Heavens bank their monies.

It would be to everyone’s advantage to know  that when thoughts are worthwhile they are matched and answered.

It seems we want our Gods only on Saturday or Sunday mornings when we invite Him/Her in.

We take our pet prejudices and wave them about as justifications for what we do not do and never realize at the same time we reveal what it is we are doing.

What has been the tower of strength often becomes later the leaning tower.

The racing around is tantamount to outrunning death.   The happy harvester will harvest no matter how fast the run.

Wisdom is not tied up in the curved body with tight skin.   Narcissism is.

Oftentimes appearances are the table at which we eat.

Appearances are as far down as some people are able to go.


Photo by Josh Hallissey (click on the photo for an awesome view)


A Human Drama

People are wonderful but persons are an annoyance.

Our so called ‘love of people’ serves to hide our very limited love of persons.

When we cannot love persons,  what good to say we love people?

It costs nothing to love the world.   It cost much to love the ones sharing
your space, your pocketbook and your genetic history.

The aged are all Hera’s clinging to a life slipping.

The camouflage systems we construct are so intricate that an
architect would be proud and no doubt win awards for.

When stress becomes unbearable,  we are then pressed to broaden
our understanding and learn.

Worrying is an advanced form of thinking.   Worrying is work.

It is a wonder how we as humans can endure the anguish of loss
when we hold no knowledge of other worlds.

When man truly wants to learn,  he will.   Spirit discerns the
well intentioned and the readiness of the student.

When an ideal is realized,  it becomes tiresome and tiring to keep
moving the carrot on the stick.

Man at some point realizes that the hunger within requires more
and more and less and less of what is on Earth’s table.



Some people just have not had their boots on long enough.

Privacy is the ultimate illusion.   Most people think no one knows their thoughts, except God,  but only when they’re praying.

Maybe prayers are only answered depending on the conversations one has in one’s head.

Perhaps the heavens slip in a thought depending on the intensity of the conversation.  Revelation!

Does the intensity of the Pilgrim inform the heavens that ‘yeah,  we have a live one down here!’

And we know people who are surprised when they mouth something because they say ‘I can’t believe I said that!’

The heavens put money on the horse they think will win the trifecta.   Is it you?

Work as though your life depended on it and love as if everyone’s life depended on you.

First step is to be the person you want to meet or you want in your life.

It is time for the world to note that when heaven does not speak to the individual, it is time to ask ‘why not?’

The purpose of life is to lift my brother up and then to ask how high.  Research yourself and you will then know how high and for what reason.

Should your child call and wonder if he should drop Philosophy, tell him it is the only class worth taking.   Except History.   And the Humanities.  And maybe a few others such as the Religions Of Man.



Paradigms with Love Attached

With love, compassion becomes an easy companion.

Courage does not come in large containers.  It is not bought by the jug, but can only
fill the cup drop by drop.

Love ventures into areas where courage falters but the heart makes waves.

The highest framework we can choose is one by which the heart is healed.

We aim to educate the heart.

Eyes that once are opened will always see and ears that once are opened will always hear.

Yield always to the heart.  It strongly upholds when argument does not.

Those whom we trust, reach out and touch the fear in us and lay Grace to it.

To see through the eyes of an Other will put one’s heart into divine orbit.

You wrapped me around your heart and now you will have to wear me like a pacemaker.

We are the cabbage and the rose at once.  Earthy and ethereal, at once.

The Spirit needs a daffodil once in awhile.

We choose not the dream or the believer but the One who sparks the dream.


More Nuggets

The hand laying featherlight makes the deepest impression.

Prejudices are sweet comfort food.

Where you are not is where the grass is greener.

Ambition takes on the sharpness of a double edged sword.

Words spoken at the wrong time or words not spoken
at the right time will maim as surely as an arrow straight
from the bow or a bullet from the gun.

Not all things can be anticipated.   Some things still
are sparklers.

To die with dignity and a measure of maturity is the
thinker’s final attempt.

To have a truth striking one’s core is to be on the way
but not the only way.

All addresses are forwarding addresses.

All centuries have their share of ducks.

A thought is a silent voice.

Ask and you shall receive.   Do and you will be shown how.

You can be sure that what you are reading is not what I am saying.



Your heart will teach in ways the world cannot.


What is not finished here will be finished elsewhere.
This is called the long view.   It is a choice.


When everything becomes a moral decision it
means that issues have been dragged through
the heart.


To suffer means to be aware of the damage
you do to the ones you care about.


Look always to where the sun rises and sets.  It
is but half a world.


Dimensions are but changes in perspective.  As
one world fades, another emerges where we have
earned the right to be.


As long as the eye beholds and another heart beats
to receive, there will be reason to keep breathing and
not give up.


The unfed Spirit is just as hungry as the unfed body.


Remember that when love does not accompany
the gift, there is no gift.


Uneventful is a merciful condition and that in itself
is a large blessing.

Family Drama

We should give children roots to know they are connected to us but we must
remember to uncover their wings so they can fly.   Then they will come back.

The straight spine is an inheritance.  It is agile enough to bend but its natural
position is perpendicular. . . . to hold the chin up

When as adults we realize that we no longer have the chance to save the world,
there are the children.

The children will do what we did not or could not.   It is with great relief that the
torch is passed.

As we get older, our world becomes smaller but infinitely richer.

The one who chooses to come with an open head is the miracle among men.
Are all babies born this way and we masterfully close them up?

Each of us have soft spots in need of gentle handling.

Friends feed the Spirit and good families are icing on the cake.

We should be building lives for ourselves, not lifestyles.

In a partnership there must be a compromise . . . of wishes but
not of self.

If humour was a monetary form of exchange, too many of us must
of needs file for bankruptcy.

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